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Alicia’s Avatar
Alicia Jan 20, 2018 669 views

How do you know which major is right for you?

i mean, what if i choose the wrong one and regret it later in life? Is this just a risk that i'll have to face in life?


Abbey’s Avatar
Abbey May 18, 2018 2248 views

Ways to combine music and linguistics/foreign language?

I love piano; I also love languages, both learning to speak them and also learning about the more analytical/scientific aspect (i.e. linguistics). I wanted to know if there were any jobs that could combine the two? Entrepreneurship perhaps?
#music #linguistics #foreign-language #entrepreneurship

Abby’s Avatar
Abby Jan 17, 2018 1071 views

How do you make connections for jobs?

How do I make the connections needed to find high-paying jobs? I am planning on graduating with a degree in International Business, and I am aware that you need connections with other people in the business to receive these kinds of jobs. #Jobs #Connections #networking #professional-development...

Tamikia’s Avatar
Tamikia Jan 16, 2018 776 views

How do you start a business with no moral support?

I need help finding the support and information to successfully start a small business. #entrepreneurship

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Jan 24, 2018 805 views

What are some secret tips for an inbound college student?

I need some advice on this from real college students, past or present ! Any advice would be great! #college #freshman

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Jan 15, 2018 890 views

Will I be successful in the future?

I've had an on and off battle so far with school and many other challenges which have made me into who I am today, but one of the things I always ask myself is, will I make it? I plan on doing business and hope to one day run my own business so I hope I reach that goal and become a successful...

Tania’s Avatar
Tania Jan 17, 2018 986 views

How to start your own business?

Currently, I am studying business at college, but I have a passion to have my own clothing line one day, and I'm wondering how could I start it off with no experience and budget. Any advice will be helpful!

#business #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur #clothing #brand #marketing

bryan’s Avatar
bryan Jan 18, 2018 819 views

How can a young entrepreneur be successful in the restaurant industry at a young age?

My whole life I have always loved food. Not only eating but cooking as well. I think of food and cooking a necessity to life but also a way to bring people closer together. The restaurant business is a very risky and statistically a very high failing business. I still have aspirations to be in...

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan Jan 24, 2018 862 views

What are the benefits of choosing a minor?

I am considering choosing a #college-minor when I get into college. What are the benefits and/or drawbacks to minoring and majoring at the same time?

Philip’s Avatar
Philip Aug 15, 2016 1186 views

How long after entering the media/entertainment career do you start to see success?

I'm a very anxious person, and when it comes to entertainment I love to see the excitement and the demand people bring forth for continue. Not everything that is being marketed is going to be main streamed right away, so I just wanted to know how long would it usually take, on average?...

Kiara’s Avatar
Kiara Feb 15, 2017 852 views

What state requirements do I need to be able to own and develop a business?

I want to be able to own my own business so I can introduce myself to the world. I want to start a little at a time. #entrepreneurship #business-development #small-business

#career-specific #personal-development

Aukai’s Avatar
Aukai Dec 31, 2016 999 views

What diplomas are most useful for a career in venture capital?

I'm interested in venture capital but the path to such a job is unclear. If I wanted to get a job in a venture capital firm straight out of college, what degree would be most useful? #college #college-major #entrepreneurship #venture-capital

Liana’s Avatar
Liana Sep 05, 2016 1046 views

How can intuition be used in business?

Intuition is advanced pattern recognition while sensing is information that is only verifiable. I know business does require logic but it's also important to see the implications of an action and it's important to speculate. I watched a video about rational intuition and I think that idea could...

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra Dec 12, 2017 1074 views

Do you have to know how to code to create apps?

I took a coding class in high school but don't know if there are any apps or software that does it automatically for you. #mobile-applications #app-development #coding

Ayren’s Avatar
Ayren Jan 11, 2016 1933 views

what is the difference between majoring in business and majoring in marketing?

I want to either major in business or marketing, I thought they were the same but I dont know. #college #business #marketing