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Aukai Dec 31, 2016 998 views

What diplomas are most useful for a career in venture capital?

I'm interested in venture capital but the path to such a job is unclear. If I wanted to get a job in a venture capital firm straight out of college, what degree would be most useful? #college #college-major #entrepreneurship #venture-capital

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Aukai Aug 22, 2016 1628 views

Being a philosophy major is something of interest to me but I often hear that it is useless when working- how do I get the most out of a philosophy class and at was school to make it worth it?

I am interested in studying philosophy but don't want to major in something that will make it hard for me to get a job. People say it can be useful if done right- how do I do it right? #education #university #higher-education #consulting #philosophy

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Aukai Aug 09, 2016 1564 views

As a student in highschool, many doors (internships) seems shut. What are you r recommendations for a highschool student who wants to get an internship at a consulting firm?

More so for next summer, I would like to intern at a consulting firm so that I might learn about what it takes (experience and education wise) to come back and get a job post-degree. #business #higher-education #consulting #management-consulting

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Aukai Aug 09, 2016 1002 views

What are the perquisites for studying economics in university- what must you be strong in?

Economics is a field I am interested in studying. #economics

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Aukai Jul 22, 2016 1424 views

As an aspiring entrepreneur, how important is learning to code and what are some of the best websites, programs, or online schools for learning the skill?

I am interested in entrepreneurship but time and time again I put an idea aside because I dont know how to code, and have not yet fleshed out my idea enough to begin a seed round for funding for a coder. #computer-software #programming #coding #program-development

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Aukai Jul 22, 2016 1597 views

As I begin to explore possible subjects in higher education, what major would best teach me the skills most useful in landing and excelling at a consulting job at a respected firm?

I am currently taking a business management course at Oxford and we have been talking about consulting. We have practised consulting with case studies, but not really discussed what it takes to become one professionally. #business #business-development #consulting #management-consulting...