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Philip E. Aug 15, 2016 598 views

How long after entering the media/entertainment career do you start to see success?

I'm a very anxious person, and when it comes to entertainment I love to see the excitement and the demand people bring forth for continue. Not everything that is being marketed is going to be main streamed right away, so I just wanted to know how long would it usually take, on average?...

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Ralph C. Oct 23, 2015 567 views

how hard is it for a enginner

how hard is it to be a engineer do i need to know know some stuff before I get the job #engineer...


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Ralph C. Oct 22, 2015 704 views

What it like to be a engineer and what do i need to take to be a engineer?

I'm 12 years old I want to know what's It like to be a engineer if you need a lot math to know and if its hard and if the salary is good and how much hours I need to take and what type of degree or how much years of college I need to take and what do I do in the engineer to I build things...

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Ralph C. Oct 22, 2015 668 views

salary as a engineer monthly yealry hours

is the salary good for this job and how much yearly and monthly as a engineer #engineer...


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Christian T. Oct 22, 2015 725 views

what should i studie to be a very good engineer

i want to start studing #engineer...