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What it like to be a engineer and what do i need to take to be a engineer?

I'm 12 years old I want to know what's It like to be a engineer if you need a lot math to know and if its hard and if the salary is good and how much hours I need to take and what type of degree or how much years of college I need to take and what do I do in the engineer to I build things replace things and are the types of things will I get to do in that type of job how much do I get played yearly and monthly an what are the responsibilities I need to do what type of courses do I need to be very good in math science language arts and what do I need to know about cars buildings and how much years of college do I need to attend this job and what the different jobs at a engineer place will it be a good job to start with when I get out of college or should I get more experience at places then go and sign up to attend the job what type of experience of jobs ill need to get to attend the job what college do I need what type of college will I need to go to get the job what type of degree will I need like master doctor or bachelor and will it be good to college for the job will I need to have a lot of technology skills for this type of as a engineer what important things I need to have to be in this job anything else important that I need to attend this type of job or reclamations I need. #engineering #professionals #skilled

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Flint W.’s Answer


Wow, what a question! That's quite the run-on you've got going there, so I'll try to keep my answer general and touch as many bases as possible, and if need be you can keep pressing me after that, OK?

First of all, an engineering degree is very math and science intensive, and compared to other degrees like elementary education, business, or visual art yes, it is relatively difficult. However, don't let difficulty scare you away from pursuing a career in engineering! It's a very worthwhile, rewarding, lucrative, and enjoyable career path. For you (as a 12 year old student), I'd say mind your math and science grades and make sure to study hard, the competition at the college level is tough, and it only gets tougher once you start looking for a career after college.

There are many types of engineers, so no matter what you're interested in there's a good chance that you'll be able to find a discipline of engineering that tickles your fancy! A few common engineering disciplines are as follows: Mechanical, Chemical, Aerospace, Civil, Petroleum, Industrial, etc. Within each discipline there are many types of jobs and paths one can take following college, for example I majored in Petroleum Engineering in college, and after school was presented with three different career paths: Drilling Engineering, Production Engineering, and Reservoir Engineering. I chose Reservoir because of my specific tastes and proficiencies, and as you get older you will get a better and better idea of what you want to do and what you are good at.

There are a lot of youth programs in most major cities that provide very worthwhile experience for aspiring engineers such as yourself! Just get permission from your parents to get online and look up things like science camp, math camp, space camp, etc. A quick web search is sure to turn up some results that will interest you.

I hope this helps a bit! Please don't hesitate to ask further questions! Always ask questions and always keep learning!

All the best,
Flint Beard