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How do you start building connections, in terms of business? (I am still a teenager)

Asked Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia

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Eula’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas

Hi Matthew S,

Coming from anyone at such young age, I am marveled that you think in this manner and delighted to help shed some light on the subject.

In anything in life, it is through people that things are achieved. Having good relations with others is key to mining the opportunities that matter the most.

Long Term relationships must be based on mutual interest and mutual respect and considerations.

I would say before meeting anyone, two important factors must be considered: 1) Finding the opportunities that are of most importance to you and within your scope of interest. and 2) Finding the contacts that open the door to these opportunities.

Time is a precious and limited commodity. But every time you meet someone, the connection must be genuine and meaningful. Not just to you, but to both. You must be willing and ready to be of service to others as well and as much as they may be of service to you.

First rule is : Social Skills. Common courtesies and good manners. LISTENING is very very important. The world and people will reveal themselves to you if you are willing to be receptive rather then responsive or expressive.

We meet people all the time, thousands, but which contacts do you wish to keep and build a long term and lasting relationships?

Business people have all sorts of contacts in all sorts of fields. I have more than 2000 contacts, but do not interact with them all the time. Some are distant, some personal and professional. They must be willing to take my call or answer my question, even when we have not seen each other in a while. Key is social skills and being genuine.

Some works just require a brief time and interaction, but all must be successful in the sense that people would want to collaborate with you and work with you again.

Some connections become a life time and personal friends. People and connections are an important marketing and social tool. But like above, don't be fake. Always be competent, Make it real and be positive and likable.

After business hours, there is always some kind of activity taking place, from sports, to games, to dinner, dance. During these activities business people make a deeper connection with others. Pretty much like lunch and cafeteria talks, sleep overs and spring break vacations. Lots of information is exchanged that lead to opportunities and meaningful contacts. In the business realm, it is called networking.

For higher level connections, try to join associations. They teach everything from public speaking to strategic thinking and service to society. It is all part of business life.

Let me know if this was useful, and if you have any other question, know that we are always here for you.

Taylor’s Answer



This is a fantastic question, and you are never too young to start building your book of business connections. If there is one thing I can say with the utmost certainty, it is that you can never have too many connections. Every time you meet someone new, no matter where you may be, it is an opportunity to make a new connection. Network with any many people as you can. Find areas of interest and find volunteer opportunities that will allow you to give back and network at the same time. Join as many social type clubs/events/groups as you possibly can. Whenever you get the opportunity, ask questions, find out what people do and follow-up with them. Most people I know (including myself) especially enjoy mentoring young adults. If you can find a mentor, they can assist you with finding different events you can attend and network with their contacts as well.

Kim’s Answer

Updated Nipomo, California

Hi Matthew,

That is a great question and very strategic thinking on your part. I have a couple of suggestions for you to consider. If you know what type of business or specialization you are interested in, there are certain professional associations such as the American Marketing Assoc that have college student membership options and host local chapter meetings. You can also look into civic organizations such as your local Rotary Club in which members includes local business leaders and leaders in the community in general. Rotary has a youth leadership program that would introduce you to their work and potentially some highly influential people.

Rachel’s Answer

It is never too early to begin building your personal and professional network. Social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter can be very powerful tools to build your personal brand. Most professionals are on LinkedIn and Twitter. You can follow professionals and read what they post through their social media accounts, when you "like" and share their content with your network. Summer internships are also a great way to gain exposure to professionals within industries that you are interested in exploring.

Joice’s Answer


You can start it anytime! A good way to start a network is be engaged in projects and activities in general. A fun fact about business connections is that they don't always start at a work place. Your neighbor, teammate at soccer, or colleagues from a project can connect you to companies or business lines.