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Puneet Kharbanda

Technical Consultant
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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dharani’s Avatar
dharani Jul 30, 2019 696 views

Iam persuing final year btech in computer science, iam confused to start my career with itfield or to prepare for govt jobs


Logan’s Avatar
Logan Mar 18, 2019 1656 views

Will a CCENT certification increase job openings after earning a computer hardware engineering degree?

#computer-software #computer-science #computer-hardware #engineering #cisco

carmyn’s Avatar
carmyn Sep 06, 2019 886 views

what skills are required in your position on a day to day job?

im reliable, im a peoples persons, and im punctual. #business # #communication #humanresources

Rija’s Avatar
Rija Sep 11, 2019 679 views

What does success look like in this industry or position and how is it measured?

#IT #cybersecurity

Frank’s Avatar
Frank Sep 11, 2019 460 views

How do professionals deal with micro aggression in the workplace especially when coming from a superior?

Student studying IT
#IT #npower #student

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Sep 11, 2019 522 views

What professional books would you recommended to someone who is new at what you do?

Npower student looking to advance my career in information technology. #technology #career