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Iam persuing final year btech in computer science, iam confused to start my career with itfield or to prepare for govt jobs

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5 answers

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Khaja Masood’s Answer

It depends on your preference like Money / Job Security and so on ..

If you are aiming for money then IT industry is the way to go but yes it doesn't guarantee job security , on the other side , Govt jobs are secured and has it own benefits.

Please bear in mind , Cracking Gov Jobs would require time / efforts due to huge applications on the other hand doing a short term course ( Java / Python / Networking ) and hunting job will be quicker.

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Dinesh’s Answer

Hi Dharani,

There are lot of opportunity in Government for IT sector in India such as ISRO, DRDO, and other top Gov departments and they use latest technology and pay also good. In private sector opportunities are there but it depends on where and how you are going to start. I would strongly suggest to do some research and based on your interest you can decide.

Dinesh recommends the following next steps:

Do market research
Decide you area of interest

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Aman’s Answer

If you want to go for Networking you can go for CCNA Routing Switching and move from their own wards to many things like Security, Cloud Computing, IOT, Wireless, Voice.

For lectures on CCNA and Networking do check below youtube channel:

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Puneet’s Answer

You can do both if you are good at time management

Usually all corporates have a 5 day work culture so you will get ample time in your govt job preparation

I really recommend going for a job as if you don't succeed after a couple of years in cracking govt job exams and you are not working then it will be very difficult for you to start your career from there

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Francis’s Answer

I don't know how much networking you have studied, but no matter the specialization you aim for in IT, I strongly recommend you get either the CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician) or CompTIA's Network+ certification. Knowledge of networking is that important to every IT job. Some people will say you have to get Cisco's CCNA (Router & Switching), but the CCENT is "the new CCNA"; it is /the/ prerequisite course for further Cisco credentials (such as CCNA Security).

Francis recommends the following next steps:

Decide on either the CCENT or Network+, the Cisco name always carries weight, but the CompTIA credential is very comparable.
Study for your chosen exam, and pass it!