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Celso H.’s Avatar
Celso H. Sep 11, 2019 64 views

What made you pursue your career? What advice would you give someone to help them choose their role in IT?

Currently a Student at NPower working towards obtaining his A+ and Security+ certificates. #npower...


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Isaiah J. Sep 11, 2019 71 views

What surprised you the most about your field once you enter the workforce?

Currently in enrolled in a work training program for I.T called NPower. #npower...


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Nana A. Sep 10, 2019 97 views

How was the first week like working in your organization?

I am currently an Npower student studying for numerous certifications in the field of I.T #student...


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Sunghyun K. Sep 10, 2019 83 views

How did you end up working for this company?

Currently attending NPower as a student, recently obtained my CompTIA ITF+ certification. Currently seeking for CompTIA A+....


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Jarel V. Sep 10, 2019 66 views

How will your industry help the community?

I am an ITF+ certified,working towards my A+...


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Ashley J. Sep 10, 2019 78 views

How do you feel your company has contributed to the industry as well as the public?

I am an ITF+ certified Afro-Latina at #npower studying for my ITIL with intention of pursuing project...

Kareem W.’s Avatar
Kareem W. Sep 10, 2019 91 views