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What surprised you the most about your field once you enter the workforce?

Currently in enrolled in a work training program for I.T called NPower. #npower #it

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3 answers

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Ann’s Answer

The thing that surprised me the most was the realization that to stand out I didn’t just have to be smart, I had to make connections. You have to assume everyone is smart and good at their jobs as the baseline; then distinguish yourself by going above and beyond with your skill in dealing with other humans.

Ann recommends the following next steps:

Make 3 connections, improve 3 connections

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Govindaraaj’s Answer

Hi Isaiah,

The i truly amazed and overwhelming with joy realising i am contributing to common people too. I am network consultant and believe our current & future era is all about technology and communications which has payed way for numerous innovations.

We work for company where we love our jobs, love our workplace n so on.. So eventually we give back the world what was gifted to us..

Wishing you all success for your future endeavours

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Victor’s Answer

hi Isaiah,

What I learned in college and what I use at work are two different things, the most important thing is communication and learn how to effectively communicate and deal with different people around the world to get the job done.

Victor recommends the following next steps:

learn how to say things that do not damage relationships and help everyone move forward