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How do you negotiate salary, when you are qualified yet have no experience, and it is definite that the company is paying lower than average salary?

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3 answers

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Robert’s Answer

Many entry level positions have a set hourly wage or starting salary, and the only deviation is if you have a specific skill that is rare and valued by the organization for that role. Example: inbound call center, and you are multi-lingual.

If you are looking at entry level positions, be prepared to accept that you may not have negotiating power on this item, even in a low unemployment environment.

In short, know the job market, and be prepared to walk away if you feel the salary does not fit with your needs or expectations, or the value you place on your time. If the organization really does want or need you and your skill set, they will pay for it. If not, it is probably an indication that you have overvalued your skill set, or, the employer is willing to accept lesser talent for the role to ensure consistency and fairness.

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Kushal’s Answer

This is tough query to answer. Maybe you can show them your value by showing them "Expertise in the Subject". That you don't have experience but you are master of the topic and company will benefit and you can add lot of value. Maybe talk about certifications, tech talk session etc. You can call out about basic industry pay scale.

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Barry’s Answer

Just starting your career is a pretty exciting and challenging place at the same time. I had to take a lot of bad jobs to finally get the job I wanted (including a part time janitor at the local elementary school, and mowing lawns in the summer time).

Unfortunately at this point, if you don't have experience there is not a lot of room to negotiate. It is good to highlight education and skills in the interview, but I have found experience is ultimately the biggest differentiator. When I was initially applying to even get my part time janitor position I got the job over another candidate because I had worked for the movie theater while I was in high school. Employers want to see that you can hold a job, and are willing to work hard.

Sometimes the best plan is to take a job to just get into a field. This is also a great opportunity to see if you like the job, and start networking. Networking has been the most important part of growing my career. Once you are in a job if you can prove you are good at it, and get to know people it is a lot easier to move to another company or role within the company.

Good luck!