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How was the first week like working in your organization?

I am currently an Npower student studying for numerous certifications in the field of I.T #student #npower

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3 answers

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Ralph’s Answer

The first week was an exciting time. You get ti meet so many people and learn about your new company. My advice is to ask lots of questions and meet as many people as possible. If your boss has not set up "meet and greet" appointments for you, raise your hand and let them know you are interested in setting these up.

You should also spend some time checking out your company's intranet site and getting the feel for the culture. Jot down some questions based on what you read. Showing interest in your new organization is always a solid way to build engagement.

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Govindaraaj’s Answer

Hi Nana,

Right from day 1 to till date my professional journey has been truly fascinating and wonderful because i choose my passion to be my profession. These times had and has all emotions as we come across many interesting happenings and i took everything in a positive way since every day and every happening was learning curve. So i would strongly suggest you to choose a career or profession which you love the most and make all days as day 1 excitements.

One mantra i shall suggest would be, " There is nothing permanent other than Change " this implies to all circumstances so ensure you're prepared at all times.

Wishing you all success !

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Anuja’s Answer

Hello Nana,

My first week at my workplace as a fresher was filled with a lot of events including orientations, fun activities and training sessions where they talked about what is expected of me as an employee and what are the benefits other than my salary that I will be receiving from my organization . Most of the Multinational Corporations will keep the buffer of first week of joining to have you go through all the formalities and document verification. They will give some entry level training where you will be introduced to the workflow , company hierarchy and the general working environment.

The experience of a fresher can be different from that of an experienced employee, I cannot say much about the latter.

But Mostly, you will be spending your time going through presentations, trainings, meeting new people and understanding who's who in that organization.