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Deanicia D. Oct 28, 2016 3629 views

Should I talk about my failures when being interviewed for a job?

I read an article about how a recruiter who interviews students got an answer of "I expect failure" from one of the students. Then they went and wrote an article on how this answer was amazing. Should I do the same and state some failures like struggles in class or should I keep that to myself....

#interview-questions #science #interviews #mathematics #technology #job-application #failure

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Alan D. Sep 05, 2019 114 views

What is the pay for the Automotive Career?

I am currently starting my vocation in Job Corps and I would know if the pay is worth for a good career. #financial-planning...


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Antonio S. Sep 10, 2019 139 views
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Brianna C. Sep 10, 2019 103 views
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Sunghyun K. Sep 10, 2019 101 views

How did you end up working for this company?

Currently attending NPower as a student, recently obtained my CompTIA ITF+ certification. Currently seeking for CompTIA A+....


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Xavier S. Sep 11, 2019 148 views

What was the most significant challenge that you faced in your career that taught you the most?

I'm an NPower student at the AM class at our Harelm Site. A young professional looking to go into the Cyber Security field....


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Christian C. Sep 11, 2019 127 views
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Nicole O. Sep 11, 2019 142 views

How did you become interested in your current career path

Npower student at Harlem location learning basic IT Fundamentals. #technology...