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Pune, Maharashtra, India

Within 40 mile radius
Ayush  A.’s Avatar
Ayush A. Dec 27, 2016 538 views


I am asking this question because I am confuse which sub brach i should select. any in answer me...


Yash B.’s Avatar
Yash B. Jul 10, 2014 1045 views

Of what importance is the university of a student if he wants to get a good job ??

I also want to know that if I can change my career after completing my engineering , I mean like if I get degree in EC can I get a job related to CS or IT ?? engineering career jobs salary...


Utkarsh B.’s Avatar
Utkarsh B. Mar 28, 2021 273 views

how can i make money online.

Well am in 12 class ,and want to earn money so that i can help my family,and able to pay my further my tution fees...


Aditi D.’s Avatar
Aditi D. Aug 30, 2021 106 views

suggestions for choosing a stable and fun field which has a lot of scope.

A ninth grader who has only another year to choose the field , an b+ student ....


Aditi D.’s Avatar
Aditi D. Jul 21, 2021 168 views

what careers can I get after choosing the geography or history fiel

i an ninth grade student i have good marks in social since i also like art i do have problems with math's thou i do get a C+ and i am very curious of the geographical or history fields art...


Eshmeet K.’s Avatar
Eshmeet K. Aug 05, 2021 204 views

career in psychology?

I'm doing BA in Psychology and want to pursue further studies in this field. I want proper guidance about the steps to become a counselor and a clinical psychologist. psychology clinical-psychology counseling child-psychology relationshipexpert...


Aditi D.’s Avatar
Aditi D. Jul 22, 2021 167 views

what do need to major for getting into liberal arts

I am a ninth grade student who has a C+ grades and I am very athletic and was a captain for hockey and net ball during 8 grade...


Neeraj K.’s Avatar
Neeraj K. Jan 15, 2016 1005 views

i have plan to start carrier in networking field . i have done BE in computer science 2015 batch . i have question for fresher where i should start my carrier at entry level that will add in my experience in order to get job in MnC networking field

since first its only field where i can have fun while doing job !! i dont know which filed is good for me (being a fresher ) to make carrier in networkig field i have done ccna certificattion networking testing...


Rainer R.’s Avatar
Rainer R. Apr 25, 2020 389 views

How much should a mechanical engineer know about electronics and communication system?

I would like to know what is the necessary background to understand it and apply it in the field. Is it good if I am well versed with electronics, electrical and communications system? Will I get a chance to apply it in projects?engineering electrical-engineering electrical...

mechanical-engineering electronics mechanical-engineer

Allen J.’s Avatar
Allen J. Apr 26, 2021 180 views

what are the options if we take commerce or science in 11th

what are the options if we take commerce or science in...

Devyani P.’s Avatar
Devyani P. May 27, 2021 122 views

i wish to restart my carrier

i completed my ll. in 2013 having no experience want to restart my carrier but all knowledge got evaporated , what can i do to start a job...


Ashish B.’s Avatar
Ashish B. May 15, 2021 128 views

What courses can I do after my 10th?

Just wanted to know what courses I can do after the 10th. Also, i was thinking about doing CFA, so which would be the best combination along I can do B. COM...


Sakshi A.’s Avatar
Sakshi A. Jun 18, 2020 472 views

I wan to know whats the right career for me.

I love performing but i am not confident. I am good at maths. i am also moody. career-choice career-choice...


Manasi M.’s Avatar
Manasi M. May 02, 2021 165 views

about an interview

im a hotel managment student and for my bachelors i have to be prepared student-development student interview...


Rainer R.’s Avatar
Rainer R. Apr 23, 2020 389 views

What are essential skills for a mechanical engineer?

If I were to gain these skills( both soft and technical ) , and I could apply anywhere with these skills within the mechanical industries, what would they be? mechanical-engineering engineering mechanical-engineer engineer...


Rainer R.’s Avatar
Rainer R. Apr 15, 2020 333 views

What is the future of 3D printing?

I need to know if 3D printing will be popular or not and if it will be a good career choice for a mechanical engineer. # mechanical-engineering mechanical-engineering engineer engineering 3D...


Rainer R.’s Avatar
Rainer R. Apr 24, 2020 382 views

Will mechanical engineers need to learn coding ?

Should I learn machine learning, or image processing or embedded system or any computer engineering technology engineer other related electronic and computer science related...

Rainer R.’s Avatar
Rainer R. Apr 17, 2020 398 views

Is it possible to be a good mechatronics engineer?

I am thinking if it is possible to be well versed in Computer Science, Electrical and electronics engineering and mechanical engineering and are there job roles involving all of these? engineering engineer computer electrical-engineering mechanical...


Neeraj K.’s Avatar
Neeraj K. Jan 15, 2016 777 views

give me list of job at entry level that will add experience in netorkning field and that is easy to get a job after completing degree in cse

is technical support job add experience in networkning field ? which job add experience in networking field ?? what is difference between L1 support or technical support ?? networking...


Prasanna M.’s Avatar
Prasanna M. Feb 27, 2018 241 views

TN Board Results 2018 Declaration Date?

When will the 10th Result 2018 Tamilnadu and 12th Result 2018 Tamilnadu declared ?...


aesha P.’s Avatar
aesha P. Jul 26, 2017 553 views

How should i get idea for my new ui/ux project!?

I am keen to work and solve UI/UX problems but I am running out of new unique ideas, its research phase for me. any ideas on how and what should I work on!? uiux ideas design project inspiration user-interface-design user problems...


aesha P.’s Avatar
aesha P. Jul 01, 2017 1363 views

i am graduate in interior designing , can i do my masters in ui / ux designing!?

as I was a creative kid I choose to do interior designing after 12th science, but I did have an interest in graphic design too and I used to design logo's and visiting cards side by side, now that I am done with my graduation I wanna do my Post graduation in UI / UX design . can i do that?...

design product-design interior-design user-interface-design

Yash B.’s Avatar
Yash B. Jul 27, 2014 1611 views

I want to join computer industry as a programmer . Is it necessary for me to have skills for more than one programming language to be a successful professional ?

by skills I mean the the complete in and out of the language . Because currently I am learning complete C(including the hardware interaction part) and I feel like if other languages are going to be this deep than it would take me my whole life to learn them . computer software programming...

programmer development