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How did you end up working for this company?

Currently attending NPower as a student, recently obtained my CompTIA ITF+ certification. Currently seeking for CompTIA A+.

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2 answers

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Govindaraaj’s Answer

Hi Sunghyun,

My hearty thanks for asking this query as this company was my dream company and hope not only me, would be for millions of this domain. And i feel fortunate to be a part of this..

The only mantra i followed was, "never ever give up " & " Love towards my profession or technology " Being here wasn't a cake walk and not sure the number of failures i faced but every time i failed i felt happy, as i was progressing one step ahead. I strongly believed one day i would make it and Made it, i would say this will all pride & joy..

Beyond all, its the thirst or passion or the true love you have on something will always ensure you reach or attain it.. Not only in profession i have experience the above words in many instances of life and i strongly believe it.

Don't mistake just faith or love alone would make you reach heights, its your focus, hard work and tough times would help you shape up. Our passion & love would make us feel the rough tides sail with ease.

Do what you love, love the work you do..

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Kushal’s Answer

It was my dream company. The task was to figure out what all boxes you need to tick when you appear for the interview. Prepare well for the interview, figure out all details about the company, you may already know a lot but additional re-search does help.