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Did you ever feel like just giving up? If so what did you do or tell yourself too keep going?

#npower student looking too gain more knowledge in I.T

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3 answers

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Jeremy’s Answer


I think a lot of people feel like giving up at times. Whether it be school, work, sports, etc. We all experience hardships in many aspects of life. For myself, I wanted to drop out of college early on in my college education. I didn't like the classes, studying, and I missed my friends & family.

Ah ha, friends & family. I thought about everything those people have done for me in my life by providing me with the tools and resources to become who I am today. I thought about the support they have given me in the past, and I knew I didn't want to let anyone down. It was so important to recognize how much people have done for me and trusted in me. If they believed in me, why shouldn't I believe in myself?

A few years later, I graduated from college, got my first "adult" job, and I'm currently in a program to obtain my masters degree. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for those friends & family that kept pushing and believing me. The idea of letting those closest to me down was daunting. They are what kept me going.

Good luck Kareem, you can do it!

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Pratham’s Answer

The answer to this is yes. Infact, not once but on number of occasions but everytime the two phrases that kept me going are "Everything happens for a reason" and "This too shall pass".

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Govindaraaj’s Answer

Hi Kareem,

As per the quote, " All days are not Sunday ", for sure there would be circumstances that would test your patience, potential, faith and so on.. I would suggest, just take a break and get on with your favourite hobby or leisure time or if nothing work, just take a travel on a bus and feel the world around you.. This my breakout mantra and later i say to myself, " there is nothing permanent other than change" and " everything happens for something good"

This is helped me the whole years till now and made me what i am now. None in this universe has smooth rides at all times if so then it definitely means, he/she isn't growing up.. Huddles & tough times are shaping tools in once life.. Its all upto us how do we take it, positive or negative..

Wishing you all success and always remember, Nothing is impossible and word itself mean " IM POSSIBLE "