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Do you ever get angry customers?

3 answers

Nikhil’s Answer


Yes as it is human nature. If in a situation customer try to put you on spot, though its customer ownership and also in a situation we accept direct answers but customer just try go around with his answers.

Elaine’s Answer

Updated Spokane, Washington

I periodically have angry and upset agents. I’ve found the most important thing is to fully listen. Let them talk it out and don’t take it personal. Summarize back what their points are so they know you were listening. Apologize for the situation even if it’s not your fault. Then calmly explain your view. It’s important to try and understand where they are coming from. Most often what starts as a terrible situation ends in understanding.

Kushal’s Answer

Updated Pune, Maharashtra, India

Yes we do. And the best way to handle is to respond back in politest manner. If its your mistake , admit it and try to move on with a commitment that it wont happen again. If its not your mistake, but you are still blamed, dont acknowledge it and dont respond back until customer is done. Give clarification with supported evidence.