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Fredi Sep 11, 2019 427 views

The economy has been getting better, and there’s a lot of hiring going on. Why did you decide to prioritize this position instead of the many others you could have been hiring for?

Npower Student wanting to expand his field in technology #technology #computer #career

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SHAINIL Jan 26, 2020 684 views

What is Technology?


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Abhay Mar 25, 2020 629 views

What sorts of jobs are available in the IT Field that can be accomplished by working at home

I'm interested in the following fields of work:
Graphic Design
Responsive Web Development
Game character Design
Game Level Design
#video-games #graphic-design #technology

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Joshua Mar 29, 2018 1935 views

In an interview, what are some good pointers or tips.

I'm asking because interviews are kind of intimidating. #interviews #career-counseling

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Victor Sep 06, 2019 361 views

What educational preparation would you recommend do mechanical engineer?

I am looking for any type of information that can help me of becoming an mechanical engineer. #engineering

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Aaron Sep 06, 2019 553 views

What education would you recommend for computer engineering?

I'm from high school and want to know how many years of experience or education was required. #computer #engineering #computer-science

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Prerna May 15, 2015 1287 views

Sir, i am having my class 12th this year with pcm + computer as subject. i am very much interested in the fields related to computers(specially IT). I want to have my career in this field. but i am really confused as i am an average student.

I have not prepared for exam such as IIT so m confused that wether i will be able to succeed in this field. nd what will b my salary, nd which degree should i opt for.? plz ans my queries. #computer-science #engineer #computer #it #developer

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Brianna Sep 10, 2019 456 views

Do you ever get angry customers?

#vet# #animals #degree

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Aisha Sep 27, 2012 1791 views

Are the classes you take in college for engineering hard ?

Im 16 and in high school. #engineering

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Mayrenis Sep 10, 2019 626 views

what is your source of motivation to strive in your career?

I am an NPower student interested in expanding my knowledge regarding IT. #career