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Are the classes you take in college for engineering hard ?

Im 16 and in high school. #engineering

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5 answers

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Brad’s Answer

Best of the Village

Yes and no. Some of the classes you will find elementary, some will be the hardest classes that you ever take - and the hard ones will be the most rewarding... maybe not at the time but definitely looking back.

It's no secret, engineering is not the easiest major that you can take in college. There will be nights when you are hitting the books and all of your non-engineering friends are hitting the streets for some fun. But I can say engineering can be much more rewarding than many other majors.

I'm a mechanical engineer and I work on physical consumer products - stuff you see on shelves at stores that you can touch. I have many non-engineer friends these days. They ask about work and as I describe what I do, their jaw drops and they say things like "that is soooo cool", or "engineers have all the fun", or "how does anyone know how to do that", or "my job sucks".

They say, "you get out what you put in". I think that definitely applies to college. It's 4 years (and quite a bit of money). Invest yourself in college and you'll get a ton out of it when your finished.

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Susan ZR’s Answer

I think it's important to know how you define 'hard'. I've had classes that I've burned entire weekends on but I was completely engrossed - maybe a better way to put it is I was in the zone and time was meaningless. And I've had classes that were insanely difficult only because I had a difficult time grasping concepts and didn't feel comfortable asking for help. What has been the hardest class for you in your education thus far - and why?

I studied electrical engineering but was only employed in a traditional engineering role for a year or two. Since then my career has spanned system engineering in a sales role, marketing, consumer research, social media and filmmaking. But the having an engineering degree has been a huge differentiator and opened many doors.

But more important, physics and network theory (and solving linear equations) and topology - even though I don't depend on any of these for my day job - significantly enlarged my world view and my ability to tackle problems, engineering and otherwise. I can't think of a better way to prepare for a creative and highly employable life. So, this doesn't answer your "Is it hard" question but happy to respond if you can think of what concerns you - what you think is hard...

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Akshayata’s Answer

If you have passion to get the degree, its not hard. And remember, hardwork is the key to success.

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Nikhil’s Answer

I would say no. Best way is to consider engineering classes to find uses cases of applications around you. If you start with one, I am sure you will like engineering classes. Sometimes you may come with your own ideas to simply solutions used in applications.

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Blake’s Answer

Hey Aisha,

Yes they are difficult. However, all degrees have difficult classes, but it's how you approach it. As long as you study and prepare you should be able to conquer any class.