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What was the most significant challenge that you faced in your career that taught you the most?

I'm an NPower student at the AM class at our Harelm Site. A young professional looking to go into the Cyber Security field. #it

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3 answers

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Craig’s Answer

My biggest challenge came out of a failure to perform in my role. I was really excited to get in to a new job but soon found myself in over my head. After a few months, I was demoted from that job. Here is what I learned:

1. I wasn't as accountable as I should have been. I blamed others for what happened instead of looking at what more I could have done
2. I didn't ask for help. I could have, but was too proud
3. I wanted to figured it out myself, and tried to be a super-hero
4. I didn't take care of myself. I became overly tired, lacked enthusiasm, and this impacted my leadership

The recipe for my future success when facing challenges is to make sure that i do number 1-4 above, instead of not doing them. It has made a big difference.

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Sendil’s Answer

Life starts with challenges. Those challenges which we don't even remember. It's been like that and will always be.

There are certain things challenges have taught me:

Challenges will come in your life it depends on you to take them head on and stay hopeful or just to give up.
Failures aren't bad. But if you don’t learn from your failures, you will find yourself failing again in coming challenges life throws at you.
Some times its ok to go with the flow. Things might be miserable but don't lose your heart.
Love yourself. Don't end up into self pity. If you do,you aren't fit for challenges of life.
Life is cruel it will test you. It will drag you beyond your limits. So learn to stretch.
Learn where to be firm and stern. Evaluate the need of the hour.
Value people not the things. Own your mistakes if you have done any. But don't compromise your self respect.
Beware of getting into a loop of sympathy. People will give a lot of it. By the end you will find yourself hollow.
Be a person of substance.
Don't give up and stay ever hopeful. Challenges will anyway keep coming. Hopelessness will just add on to them. Why to carry some extra baggage of stress.
Keep a smile no matter what.

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Kushal’s Answer

Helped one of my senior in his work during my initial phase of career and realized that 3-4 months down the line, he reported to the management that I have not done anything and can be let go from the organization. Luckily it was another senior who gave positive feedback about me. Learning: always document whatever you do, verbal communication does not help. Capture Minutes of meeting of critical discussion.