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What does success look like in this industry or position and how is it measured?

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4 answers

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Kevin’s Answer

I view success or work place happiness with five criteria which I often refer to as my five finger rule about jobs and careers.

1) Do you love the work do you?
2) Do you have a wonderful team and a supportive manager that you enjoy working with?
3) Do you have career growth and opportunities to learn in your current role?
4) Do you have life balance and or flexibility to balance non work demands?
5) Are you making money that is commensurate of the work you are doing and is it in line with the market place?

I ask my mentors and staff to look at their situation from a big picture perspective. More times that not, people focus on one or two of these things that are lacking and forget there are other attributes of a job or career. In angst, some people leave their jobs in search of something better but sometimes "the grass is not greener than one thinks."

If one can answer yes to 3 or more of the above, I would say you are successful and happy at work. Anything less, I strongly recommend folks to evaluate the situation and consider a job or career change.

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James’s Answer

I mean that's a bit like asking how long is a piece of string. In broad strokes, have you protected the company and done your due diligence to ensure that company is protected. If there is a breach how did your team respond and what was done to ensure the breach cannot happen again. Further, what financial risk did this breach put the company in and why was it not addressed before the breach.

At a personal level, are you growing and achieving your goals while maintaining work/life balance?

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Puneet’s Answer

Success is corporate is usually measured by following:

How much is one earning

Person must be a go to guy

Expert in the technology/technologies

Maintaining good work life balance

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Kushal’s Answer

My take would be success is something which gives you happiness and satisfaction. Don't think this can be measured as what you achieve is not for other but for yourself. Having said that you need to set goals for yourself and keep a targetted timeline and see how close you are to your target. You need to a master or Goto person in whatever task you do or whatever role you play. May that is one level of success.