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James Garvin

Customer Success Manager at Okta, Inc.
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
Littleton, Colorado
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Katherine Apr 05 670 views

how do i earn money while i'm in 7th grade? because i want to be able to buy dresses and shoes?

I'm in 7th grade and I'm 13 and need help getting money so that i can buy the things that i want!

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Feb 16 790 views

I want to pursue a career WAYYYY out of the scope of my college major. (Dance to Cybersecurity) What sort of work or opportunities should I look for?

I have reached a point where I'm about to graduate from college and I have found the need to make a very hard and fast pivot out of the dance industry. I've always had a knack for computers and tech tinkering. I recently stumbled across Cybersecurity and got my CompTIA Security+ certification....

John’s Avatar
John Dec 10, 2023 522 views

Whatis the best path to learn Web design?

Web design

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Rija Sep 11, 2019 685 views

What does success look like in this industry or position and how is it measured?

#IT #cybersecurity

jesse’s Avatar
jesse Jul 10, 2019 932 views

How much does it pay to join the military?

#military #army #navy #criminal-justice #career

Mr’s Avatar
Mr Jun 26, 2019 579 views

What are some good jewelry business?


cavin’s Avatar
cavin Jul 11, 2019 621 views

can i be creative in the job im going in

#job #career #construction

angelysse’s Avatar
angelysse Jun 20, 2019 427 views

what kind of jobs could you get certified in office administration

#career such as.. what types of jobs need office administration.. or what jobs work with computer and office work

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Jun 19, 2019 800 views

Do companies view some military branches as better than others?

Who are you most likely to hire? Marine, Airman, or Soldier? #chef #army #military #travel #marine #fbi #soldier #air-force #space-force #college #career #college #engineering #career #computer-science #medicine #science #technology #engineer #tech #college-major #education #biology #any #math...

Mario’s Avatar
Mario Jul 16, 2019 775 views

Is it possible for someone to go from a R.N to a Doctor?

Hello I am currently in job corp as of right now and I am working on getting certified as a C.N.A. I wanted to know if it was possible for me to go from a nurse to a doctor and if so how Would I be able to do that.#doctor #nurse #medicine #nursing #health care

Ariel’s Avatar
Ariel Mar 05, 2019 711 views

What sort of Tech. would you personally like to see/develop in the near future?

Specifically technology that will not only provide the most beneficiality for us in the long run for generations to come, but to assist us in keeping our A-Game in all that we put our best effort in accomplishing. #technology #computer #science #computer-software #programming #computer-science...

madie’s Avatar
madie Sep 27, 2018 540 views

Is college as stressful as everyone says?

#student #college

jennifer’s Avatar
jennifer Mar 21, 2018 978 views

If my strength are reading all kinds of books and painting what types of careers or industries might fit me?

Ever since I was little I loved to read any kinds of books but really I only could get in to was fantasy and books that have action and adventure in them. As I got older i started to love painting but i have no idea what careers would best fit me? #career #career-choice #reading #painting #art

Lindsey’s Avatar
Lindsey Apr 09, 2018 732 views

Do Orthodontists get to choose their own workdays?

#dentistry #orthodontist

Robert’s Avatar
Robert Mar 27, 2018 1070 views

How hard is it to get a job in a computer science field once done with college?

#computer-science #college #career #computer-software