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can i be creative in the job im going in

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Frank’s Answer

Hello Student Cavin M from Spokane Valley in Washington. Thanks for your question " Can I be creative in the job I am going into?" HASHTAGS#### #job #jobsearch #career #construction.

Cavin M. Have you been to see your careers teacher at school? If not then I recommend that he or she is the first person to speak with. Please today make an apointment and ask your questions there first.

Also ask your classmates about your career path and find four others who are thinking along the same career path as you. So say you decide to be the team leader of your 5 member team? Then you sit around a table with your computers and then you all check out the above Hashtags####.

Its a reading and writing practice session as you read the articles and then you make comments and give your phonenumber and email address. You ask specific questions about the creativity available to you in the construction industy in your country.

Good Luck Cavin M and class mates. Write back to TESOL Teacher Frank with specific questions. Have a Great Weekend too!

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James’s Answer

If you are going into construction, you are going to be following other peoples plans. However, you can take what you are doing on the job, learn from it, and create art, take classes to be an architect or engineer, or start your own construction business (once you learn the ropes).