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how do you cope with stress

Updated Waterloo, Iowa

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Rumshah’s Answer

Updated Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hi Felipe,

I have always struggled with stress management but in the past few years, I have learnt new techniques which help me cope with stress in an effective manner.

  1. Sleep is very important. I didn't really think sleep impacted stress at all but whenever I fix my sleeping schedule and get 8 -9 hrs of sleep, I feel great and refreshed!
  2. Entertainment. Whenever I am stressed over something, I give myself a break and do something fun such as watching TV, surfing the internet, spending time with family or even socializing with friends. It is a nice escape from stress and makes me feel relaxed and happy.
  3. Not the end of the world. Remember that no matter what happens, it NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. For example, a lot of students stress over school and failing courses. If that's the case with you, then just tell yourself that failing a course won't be a big deal. You just re-take the course and move on with your life because you have a lot more other things to think about rather than just stressing over a Failed course
  4. Talk to adults. Older adults are far more experienced in life than the younger ones. It is best to talk to them and get some great advice because it helps you feel relieved!

Hope these techniques help you cope with stress :)

Dianna’s Answer

Updated Irving, Texas

I cope with stress by listening to all types of music!!

By meditating

Morgan’s Answer

Updated Tampa, Florida

For me Felipe, I always pray in the morning and put a mirror and pictures of my family to remember who I am doing it for which sets up my positive stress-less atmosphere. Then Listen to music, play little mind games, and draw throughout the day to get through.