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jennifer G. Mar 21, 2018 269 views

what other strengths or experiences might I need for becoming an RN or a Surgeon?

I have so little of strengths I can talk to some people sometimes I don't really like talking to new people. I also love taking care of babies and older people. I have always found an interest in becoming a surgeon. But I would like to know what other strengths I need for theses two jobs that...

#surgery #general-surgery #registered-nurses

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jennifer G. Mar 21, 2018 377 views

If my strength are reading all kinds of books and painting what types of careers or industries might fit me?

Ever since I was little I loved to read any kinds of books but really I only could get in to was fantasy and books that have action and adventure in them. As I got older i started to love painting but i have no idea what careers would best fit me? #career #career-choice #reading #painting...


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jennifer G. Jan 29, 2018 246 views

what is a day of a life of a RN like?

I would like to no what it is like cause i want to be one. #nurse...


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jennifer G. Jan 12, 2018 262 views

How long would I go to college for to become a registered nurse?

I'm interested in becoming a registered nurse. I wanted to become a registered nurse because it is something that has caught my attention evanescence middle...