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How hard is it to get a job in a computer science field once done with college?

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Ju-Hyoung’s Answer

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I read another person's answer, and completely disagree with. I write my own answer here. But you don't have to be discourage yourself with my opinion.

First, Computer Science is still required in many areas even in medical or manufacturing, but the way we implement computer engineering (we'd rather call engineering now) are so different from job site and customer requirements like your workplace location, weather, culture and so on.

You will learn mostly basic standard protocols from school and you will find many of them are out of date. Some good schools offer C#, Python, ML (Machine Language) while others offer Pascal, Fortran and C. CS area is moving so fact and we will face new challenge every day. Choose the right school is important - check out each department curriculum page.

Second, CS would be your life if you insist this is your job. What it means is you will learn and try, and don't hesitate trying new stiff. This is one of key points from long-term survival Software Engineers in popular work place. Please ask question to yourself, "what is your personality?"

Third, being Software Engineer does not mean you stuck at this career entire life. You can switch to Engineering Project Manager or Eng People Manager. Or, other type of software engineering position. You check out those positions in popular company's job search page.

Hope this helps you. Cheer!

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Arisa’s Answer


Hi Robert;

Great question! But, first, the keywords in your question are "...once done with college."

With that in mind, I would encourage all active college students to endeavor to seek out organizations (such as AT&T, etc.) that offer internship in their IT (as well as other) departments. While it could be hard to get a job in most fields due to fierce competition, having interned with organizations will afford competitive advantage.


James’s Answer

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It shouldn't be that hard. Of course location will determine exactly how hard it is to get any job, but to some extent if you are looking for a specific type of coding job or a specific focus, it could be more difficult.

Over all, the Computer Science field should not be a problem at all to find a job in.

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