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scared of pursing computer science

i feel like technology is changing so rapidly and i wont be able to keep up. #computer-science #computer-software

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5 answers

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Joanne’s Answer

I absolutely agree with Haider.

It's a GREAT field that never gets dull.

I never, in my wildest dreams, thought I would be a Data Analyst with a large corporation.

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Kenneth’s Answer

Hi Stephany,

While it's true that computer science is changing very rapidly, there are several things that make it not as bad as you might think. First, while there are some companies that are constantly on the cutting edge of technology, most companies stick with the same core set of technology for a good while before they switch. This means that while there will constantly be new javascript libraries or other fairly small changes, the core of what you work with will stay the same for at least several years. I'm a big proponent of not letting work consume your personal life (unless your work really is your passion as well). I love my job, but I also love other things and I am able to keep up and stay relevant as a web developer without compromising on my hobbies.

I hope that helps calm your fears. It really is a great field and the fact that it's constantly changing does not necessarily mean that you have to be constantly adapting.


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Haider’s Answer

Hello Stephany,

Great question, You are 100% right technology, programming tactic, attach vector for security keep on changing .. that's what make this sector unbelievably exciting, challenging & will never get board easily .. once you specialized pick an area they you love and enjoy .. try few days with some companies to work in these fields, research & talk to SME to collect as much info as possible . You may choose a back office work or you are more into meeting new ppl new projects and challenge that you need to fix .. its depends somehow and what you enjoy the most. Remember loving your job is supper important this what will make you thrive and grow.

Best of luck !!!

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Dave’s Answer

If you're interested in IT but are anxious about the pace of change in software development, how about investigating careers that are in the areas of project management and business analysis. They are both interesting fields that work in the IT sector, and the rate of change is slower. Actually the skills that you could learn as a project manager or business analyst are transportable to other fields.
If you'd like to learn more about business analysis, check out the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) at www.iiba.org.
If you'd like to investigate project management, check out the Project Management Institute (PMI) at www.pmi.org, or the Agile Alliance at https://www.agilealliance.org/

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Vikshith’s Answer

Computer science is the most looked out career right now /Most of the IT industries hire software professionals who have prior knowledge of software testing and development .Also lot of IT companies look for talented individuals .