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Francilia J. Oct 02, 2014 2216 views
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Daniel W. Oct 23, 2015 3699 views

How many years in collage do you have to be a Computer Engineer?

I am asking this because i really want to be a computer engineer in the future and i'm just asking. 0: #technology #writing...


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Quinn D. May 09, 2016 473 views

How is the best way to establish a network?

I'm asking because I am going to be a sophomore next fall and will be looking for an internship and to branch out to future employers....


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Britny L. May 10, 2016 558 views

Also what are some good ways to get books that are useful but not exstreamly exspensive?

I know that text books are important but i know that i am not going to need them for the rest of my life? So i just want to know if there is a way to get books that are still use able but not too pricey...


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Elizabeth D. May 13, 2016 548 views

How do you volunteer to work in a hospital?

I am a high school student that is interested in the medical field. #volunteering #hospital...


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Shawn G. May 25, 2016 1057 views

What is the best character trait employers are looking for in new employees?

I want to know what character traits employers find most important in the work place today. Maybe there is a particular trait to hone in on or be more conscientious of. #management #leadership #employers...


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Abinaya S. Jun 29, 2016 933 views
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Oliver E. Jul 12, 2016 769 views

How and Where to gain Industry Project Management experience as a volunteer, while still working in academia?

I am a postdoc fellow in life sciences. I have been in a lab doing bench work for years and this is not as much fun and exciting as it used to be. Now, I am looking at my options, trying to figure out what my next move should be; I have just started learning on my own what PM is and would like...

#pharmaceuticals #certified-project-manager #portfolio-management #biotechnology #project-management #science #life-sciences

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Hollie C. Aug 18, 2016 859 views

What are some good ways to approach professional people that I don't know on LinkedIn?

I heard a lot about how important it is to get connected with people if one wants to find a job or know more about a specific industry beforehand. What are some ways to approach strangers on LinkedIn that will result in more positive feedback and help me succeed in social networking and job...

#job-search #social-networking #networking #career-development #career-paths #linkedin #new-hires #career

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Kiana D. Aug 22, 2016 564 views
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Hamid W. Aug 22, 2016 5218 views

If you were to go back to high school what would you do differently?

I a junior in high school. I wanted to get advice from a college student or even a professional in the market. Since I always hear people say that if they were to go back they would have done so much better I want other people's opinions on what they would have done better. #college...


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Anita M. Aug 25, 2016 764 views

What extracuricular activities/volunteering should I do in Highschool?

Hey there! So, I'm going to become a freshman in a few days and I'm really lost on what I should do with my extracuricular activities/volunteering. I'm not apart of a sports team because I do not enjoy sports like others. And I'm not apart of a program (AVID, Theater, Sport Teams, etc.). What I...

#student-clubs #extracurriculars #college #teacher #high-school

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Anush Reddy N. Sep 13, 2016 836 views

How powerful is LinkedIn ?

What is the role of LinkedIn in getting a job in US, are resumes given equal importance as LinkedIn. Which one is better ? #research #human-resources #resume #recruiting #resume-writing #linkedin...


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Mitchell A. Sep 20, 2016 723 views

Am I suppose to know what I want to do as soon as I graduate college?

There are many things that I desire and it is so tough for me to pick that very special one! Psychology has so much to offer and I am just lost in the middle. The options upon options never end. I feel as if I should definitely know what it is that I want to do once I graduate. I mean, I...

#career #career-development #career-counseling #career-choice #career-path