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Caitlin B. Apr 25, 2016 8200 views
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Kelly J. May 02, 2016 2275 views

What made you want to work in sales for a tech company over working in sales in other industries?

I've been told I'd be great at sales, but I'm not sure where to start looking for jobs. Why do you do sales for the company you work for? What should I look for in a company to work for right out of school? #technology...


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Kelly J. May 02, 2016 2393 views

What is the best technology to use to stay organized?

I am in high school and have a really hard time staying organized. Especially when it comes to doing big projects or studying for tests. I'm trying to find out what others have done to stay organized in school or a job. Do you have recommendations on technology tools/programs I should use?...

#organization #technology #human-resources

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Liz A. May 03, 2016 2565 views

What is the most exciting part of your job in computer security?

We learned about careers in computer security in school but it didn't sound as interesting or exciting as some others we've learned about, so i want to know what the best part of your job is. What is the most exciting thing about it? #computer-software #technology #computer-security...


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McKinley B. May 13, 2016 1086 views

I am still unsure about what I want to study in college, but my family is strongly encouraging me to become a nurse, should I just listen to them?

My grandparents, parents, and siblings all think I would be a great nurse but I am unsure that that's for me. My problem is I have no idea what is for me, so how can I know if they are wrong or right about that? #nursing #career-choice...


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Anina H. May 16, 2016 4096 views

Is a career in cyber security right for me?

Hi! My name is Anina, and I'm a high school senior interning for Career Village. I'm afraid of choosing the wrong career. Can you tell me more about your job working in cybersecurity? What do you like? What do you not like? What is your advice for someone in high school thinking about this...

#information-technology #technology #cyber-security

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Evan S. May 24, 2016 955 views

What is the best way to prepare for a career in cyber-security in college?

I am attending The University of Texas at San Antonio as a freshman in the fall pursuing a degree in cyber security. Other than working as hard as possible in class, how can I prepare for and ensure a career for myself after college....


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Akampreet K. Oct 11, 2016 713 views

What are the top 5 questions you get asked in interviews?

Interviews are not my thing so, I always try to prepare my best but get stuck on a specific question such to "Why you should be hired?" Or "How will you make our company/organization better?" #jobs #job-coaching #student-development...


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Alexandra C. Oct 11, 2016 2193 views

What are some areas of telecommunications that will see the most growth in the coming decade or so?

I'm curious about what specific types of jobs are in demand now or will become more in demand within the next few years. This could even include positions that don't exist currently, but might in the future once technological innovations call for it. #communications #telecommunications...

#verizon #job-outlook

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stephany D. Oct 12, 2016 642 views

scared of pursing computer science

i feel like technology is changing so rapidly and i wont be able to keep up. #computer-science...


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Esther C. Oct 14, 2016 581 views

Honor Programs, are they important to employers?

I am an accounting major that is and have attended multiple networking clubs and events. One of the professor of an event said that I should join as much honor programs as possible. He suggested to join the accounting honor society as well as the accounting & taxation honor program at my...

#school-counseling #employers #career-counseling

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Armando T. Dec 20, 2017 540 views

What are some jobs relevant to cyber security that I can acquire while attending graduate school ?

I'm in my first year of my cybersecurity graduate program and I want to obtain a part-time job working in roles related to cybersecurity. I'm wondering what kinds of positions I should be looking for that will allow me to obtain relevant experience. I would like something that will better...

#cyber #information-technology #law-enforcement #web-development #cyber-security #law

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Jacqueline S. Jan 16, 2018 525 views

What is the most important thing I should consider before I start a career in cyber security ?

We live in a world that relies on the internet. I think that people do this without thinking about the issues being involved. This includes a business, company or individuals. I’m really interested in cyber security and I want to know more #technology #cybersecurity #information-technology...