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McKinley May 13, 2016 1665 views

I am still unsure about what I want to study in college, but my family is strongly encouraging me to become a nurse, should I just listen to them?

My grandparents, parents, and siblings all think I would be a great nurse but I am unsure that that's for me. My problem is I have no idea what is for me, so how can I know if they are wrong or right about that? #nursing #career-choice #parenting

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McKinley May 13, 2016 798 views

Is Anthropology a good field to be going into in College?

I am very interested in anthropology and always have been but I have heard that getting a degree in it does not create very high paying jobs and is not job specific, so I am unsure what choice to make. #college #career #job #degree #social-work