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Anwesha Moitra

network consulting engineer
Architecture and Engineering Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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Ashwini Jun 29, 2020 967 views

Is getting into IIT better for studying BTech in Computer Science Engineering than getting into BITS?

Student; #computer-engineering #computer-science #engineering #science

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Sep 20, 2019 1431 views

Does computer networking require any further education other than the certifications?

#networking #computer #information-technology

Kota’s Avatar
Kota Jun 04, 2020 4434 views

What is ICND 1 and ICND 2,and how it is related to CCNA?

#cisco #cisco certification #network #entry level #networking #cybersecurity

Cori’s Avatar
Cori Oct 06, 2018 643 views

How should I dress for college interviews?

I am a female and wondering what type of attire to wear for interviews at colleges looking to be accepted into a 3+3 DPT program as incoming freshman. #interviews #college #dress-for-success

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Cali Apr 30, 2019 821 views

What are some things that are the same about Elementary and Middle School?

#education #career #school #teacher #teaching

Marimuttu’s Avatar
Marimuttu Jun 30, 2016 1099 views

Which is the suitable programming language at high school level? I want learn the coding skills please guide

i m marimattu studying in 10th class please guide me #any #personal-development #programming #computer-software #computer-science

Dayli’s Avatar
Dayli May 02, 2019 479 views

What classes should a student take at highschool to become a pediatrician?

Should students take human biology to prepare. #pediatrician

Isiah’s Avatar
Isiah May 07, 2019 507 views

Is there an advanced career for a computer engineering?


Blake’s Avatar
Blake May 09, 2019 867 views

What is the Future of AI looking like to you in business?

Where do you see the future of AI/Machine learning development progressing? There is a lot of talk at conventions focused around AI about the ethics behind it. I think some people are too heavily influenced by movies(Skynet for example) to be able to see the future of AI. How will it affect...

Robert’s Avatar
Robert Mar 27, 2018 1062 views

How hard is it to get a job in a computer science field once done with college?

#computer-science #college #career #computer-software