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What sort of Tech. would you personally like to see/develop in the near future?

Asked Hartford, Connecticut

Specifically technology that will not only provide the most beneficiality for us in the long run for generations to come, but to assist us in keeping our A-Game in all that we put our best effort in accomplishing. #technology #computer #science #computer-software #programming #computer-science #programming

4 answers

Anton’s Answer

I would like to see not specific technology developed but to see technological products with baked in ethical values.

I would like to see social networks and search engines that don't sell customers data and try not to manipulate you. Check out http://www.tristanharris.com/ for what I mean.

Another technology I want to see is the one that would assist customers in making purchase decisions based not only on price and customers reviews but on the ethical side of the business: a) reviews from employees, b) tax practices c) environment friendliness d) openness of supply chain data

James’s Answer

Updated Littleton, Colorado

We need technologies around helping people to manage their carbon footprint. We need also need more secure and smarter technologies to ensure our elections and public works are secure and available.

If you want low hanging fruit, something to help small businesses engage more directly with their customers in an active way.

Lauren’s Answer

Updated Oakland, California

Hi Ariel,

I think one of the most important places that we can invest in technology is for our environment. Climate change is happening, and we need technology to help us combat it! I can't wait to see what future generations are able to contribute in this area :)

Derek’s Answer

Updated Saline, Michigan

I'd like to see tech help us get rid of wallets, it should be the source for my ID, my insurance, my payments... Think of the amount of plastic that sits in every wallet, the cost of production and the waste of disposal. Then the cost and waste of the shipping materials needed to send cards all over the world. Plus I like the convenience of it all. Next I would like to take on physical currencies and silly things like pennies.