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Do companies view some military branches as better than others?

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Tom’s Answer


Well of course they favor one over the other. (Disclaimer ahead). I'm a vet and applied for a job where the guy found out I had been in the Navy, said he had too and bingo! Got the job.

Ok, ok, ok. I did meet most all of their requirements for the job, but I'm pretty sure it tipped the scale.

Disclaimer....it would have likely worked just as well if we'd served in different branches. So, I'd vote too for being a vet from any branch is equally respected. Vets get a leg up with most employers because they have proven to be dependable and reliable and adaptable. If you are considering even a short term career in the military (say 2 years active and 4 in reserves) you will come away with the same credentials. Good luck.

Misti’s Answer


Hi Christian,

As an HR Professional for over 20 years, I have recruited and hired many employees in different industries. I never considered one branch of the military as better than another. My husband is an Air Force Veteran and my brother is a retired Coast Guard Veteran. There were benefits in both of these branches of service. Also, many companies now have departments dedicated to recruiting and hiring veterans. I think the greatest thing to consider is what career path you want to take after completing your service. Some military training does not transfer as easily into civilian jobs. My husband obtained his Bachelor's and Master's degree through GI benefits so that is also something to consider. Thank you for your desire to serve!

James’s Answer


Generally no. I've found that some of my buddies from the Army have helped me network and find jobs where I wouldn't have though to look, but I've not encountered a time where I felt like I was rejected because I served in a specific branch.

With that being said, it also depends on what you want to do. If you are more into technology, IT, and computer science, you may want to shop around when you go to enlist and ensure you get the job (MOS in army speak) that you want. You may get feel like you are getting shoe horned into something with a specific branch, reset and try another.

Douglas’s Answer



As an ex-Army soldier with friends who were ex-Navy, ex-Air Force and ex-Coast Guard, I have never heard of an employer favoring one branch of the service over another. What I have found is that employers favor hiring ex-military for the qualities that they learn in the military (leadership, honesty, focus, how to get along with people, etc.). What does make a difference is not the branch of service, but what you did in the service and how closely it aligns with the type of job the employer is hiring for. For example, I was in the power generating business. In that industry one runs into a lot of ex-Navy people because a lot of Navy people have training and experience with the type of equipment found in power plants. Air Force jet mechanics would be a natural fit for airlines. You get the idea.

Hope this helps,