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CareerVillage Office Hours Mar 22 78 views

How can I reach Medtec companies to submit my idea about a new product?

This is part of our professionals series, where we ask professionals what they think students should know

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Amy Feb 11 292 views

What type of job is best for me and how do I decide?

I want to find a job where I can visit and learn about different cultures and environments. I love writing, being in and helping nature, helping others, and learning & experiencing new things. With those who are in fields with similar aspirations as I, what are your professions and how did...

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g Dec 15, 2022 268 views

What is the typical day in the life of an investigative journalist?

I am a sophomore in high school; I want to become an investigative journalist. I am currently interning at a non-profit where I report on topics such as poverty, poverty alleviation and other worldly issues, but I really want to get a feel for "digging" up stories that could possibly make a...

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Jeffrey May 10, 2022 410 views

What career should I pursue

If my strengths are being patience and paying close attention to detail, type of careers or industries might best fit me? What other strengths or experiences might I need for the suggested careers?

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Hope Oct 28, 2021 590 views

I want to be a police officer. is it hard to become one?

I am 14. #police-officer

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Matthew Mar 25, 2022 434 views

How does one keep brainstorming innovating ideas?

This is just a general thing. It could be something related to life or career.

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weilin Apr 02, 2022 154 views

What can I do for my college year starting this September?

I got acceptted by UC Santa Cruz with the major Game Designs, and I want to go to this college, what should I do or prepare before I go to this college?

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Khristian Apr 03, 2022 275 views

What would be the best part time jobs to take when it comes to gaining skills for future jobs?

I am thinking about getting a part-time job (during school and summer) and was wondering what would be the best choices to think about to help me with future jobs.

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Denishia Jun 15, 2021 413 views

What can I do to pursue a career as both a journalist and veterinarian?

I love animals and have always been interested in pursuing a career that involved caring for them since I was young, but as I began getting older I found interest in writing which made me want to be come a journalist. Now I'm stuck in trying to pursue both careers as I am currently going to...

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amber Jan 22, 2021 300 views

what is a good way of saving up as much money you can?

i have tried ways but somehow i just be eager to spend my money on things i dont need. #money-management

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Montreal Nov 13, 2020 494 views

How can I start my own business and become a entrepreneur

I am 6'2. I am a junior. I have 2 siblings 1 girl 1 boy. I would like to start my own business one day. #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur #startups

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Mykah Nov 13, 2020 415 views

#GivingisCaring because I want this for my 23 year old son that has 28 high school credit to succeed.

What options does Mykah have? #GivingisCaring he wants his #high school diploma and we are building a computer at moment we need help. I need SSI bc limited mobility but I'm getting it done. Whom I ask can assist us in all things diploma and financial assistance and building a computer? For his...

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Julius Nov 05, 2020 289 views

is going to the marines good?

i like hands on stuff and it would be nice to serve my country #career

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Caleb Nov 05, 2020 259 views

Is filming and animation the same thing

Is animation the same as filming because both have a story and production but one deals with art while the other deals with cameras. #college-advice

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Dylan Sep 21, 2020 765 views

The Best Career for a Lover of Language

Hello everyone! I was just wondering what a good career would be for someone with my hobbies/skillsets/shortcomings. I am an aspiring polyglot, specifically with Korean, Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, English (Native), Japanese, and Russian. As of posting this...