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matthew P.’s Avatar
matthew P. Mar 13, 2019 166 views

i want to become a welder but there is a lot of debt involved, is it worth the debt or find another career path?

is it worth having a lot of debt throughout your life or to find an easier career path that doesn't have a lot of debt involved...


Aleksandar T.’s Avatar
Aleksandar T. Mar 15, 2019 305 views

I want to become a lobbyist, tips?

My first well-paying job was at a machine shop which specializes in turbines and pumps. So, naturally, I fell in love with the manufacturing industry; however, I have always had interest in government. I thought how I could connect my two interests and a career in the environmental seemed like...

environment law government career lobbyist policy

xavier D.’s Avatar
xavier D. Mar 22, 2019 161 views

Do you have to go to college in order to become a mechanic?

Do you have to go to college in order to become a...

Madison W.’s Avatar
Madison W. Mar 26, 2019 322 views

What are some Day-to-Day responsibilities of a Copywriter?

I was wondering what some of the day to day activities of a copywriter were. I am a high schooler interested in the field and I was wondering what it was like. Thanks so much! technology Copywriter...


tanner G.’s Avatar
tanner G. Mar 27, 2019 235 views
Karynne V.’s Avatar
Karynne V. Mar 27, 2019 215 views

What are the most important skills I need to know?

What are the most important things I'll need to know for a career in Architectural Drafting? career...


Sebastian D.’s Avatar
Sebastian D. Mar 28, 2019 1136 views

Is it wise to Double major on marketing and advertising?

I am currently a first-year college student but finished my basic college courses while attending an early college high school. I could graduate in a year and a half or pursue an additional major and graduate in 3 to 4 years. college college-major college-advice...


Naima S.’s Avatar
Naima S. Mar 29, 2019 176 views

What does it take to be sucessful in this career?

How is the pay,the benefits,and room for advancment...