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San Francisco, California
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I have to study hard in UC Santa Cruz in order to graduate form this college.

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weilin Apr 02 169 views

How can I get non-interest student loan?

Even I have FAFSA, school, and state grants, I still have to pay 11,000 dollars per year, how can I apply non-interest student loan so I can afford this amount of money?

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weilin Apr 02 123 views

What can I do for my college year starting this September?

I got acceptted by UC Santa Cruz with the major Game Designs, and I want to go to this college, what should I do or prepare before I go to this college?

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weilin Jan 28 286 views

Should I take Statistics if I take computer science in college?

Is Computer Science include(required) Statistics knowledge? #Statistics #computer-programming

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weilin Jan 28 222 views

How much will I spend during 4 years college?

How much money will I need for 4 years college for camping, books, food, and tuition fee? #money #college

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weilin Oct 05, 2021 221 views

How can I graduate from college that ranked 1st in computer science?

What should I do to improve my skills of using computer hardware and software and other programming skills? #computer-science #technology

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weilin Oct 05, 2021 214 views

Which college should I consider if I want to be a game programmer in the future?

In other word, what classes should I take to get my degree for game programming? #game-design #programming

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weilin Sep 14, 2021 196 views

What career can make a lot of money? Like $10,000 per month.

Hope to make a lot of #money to make my life easier, get things I want, have more power and happiness