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Career Questions tagged Marketing Communications

Joy Z.’s Avatar
Joy Z. Jan 25, 2018 686 views

How to build up your confidence? How to be good at communicating with people?

Everyone would sort of encounters this kind of problem. For an introvert, how should we act to overcome the fear to communicate with people. Even though we did not mean something, but our timidity always prevent us from getting our message across. How to make introverts become confident?...

emotional communications emotion psychology feelings confidence child-psychology communications-strategy marketing-communications communication-skills

Caylyn  K.’s Avatar
Caylyn K. Dec 17, 2016 783 views

Do you need internship experience in order to get hired at a marketing firm after graduation?

I am a junior in college and thinking about possible jobs I will be applying for after graduation. A lot of my peers are scrambling to find internships in their degree fields, and I was just wondering if it's possible to get hired at a good firm without an internship. business-management...

social-media-marketing marketing-and-advertising marketing-strategy marketing-communications online-marketing

Yerin O.’s Avatar
Yerin O. Nov 22, 2016 1046 views

What is the average year salary for people in the marketing industry?

I'm interested in the marketing industry- marketing management, advertising, etc. I'd like to now if the marketing industry jobs have sufficient amount of payment of their jobs. marketing advertising marketing-and-advertising marketing-communications online-advertising...


Nicole B.’s Avatar
Nicole B. Nov 01, 2016 1862 views

How do I get internships for my major if I do not have much experience in the field?

Hi, I am Nicole and I am a student in college. I am a Marketing major and am required to finish 2 internships before I graduate. The only thing is, I haven't had any experience in marketing before so landing my first internship may be difficult. Any advice? marketing internships...

social-media-marketing user-experience marketing-strategy marketing-communications online-marketing

Alejandro M.’s Avatar
Alejandro M. Oct 31, 2016 619 views

For any Computer Science graduate - What is the everyday life after work? Do most work at home or physically at a company? If a company, what do you work on daily as in can ya'll work independently or are there assignments/projects handed out?

I am in the top 1% in my class and I initially wanted to be an engineer, but that changed as i really loved coding in school. Writing codes and understanding them come easy to me and I really like the idea of a big open market in which a programmer can to gain attention from applications that...

computer-software computer-science marketing-communications computer computer-games

Lexis M.’s Avatar
Lexis M. Aug 16, 2016 853 views

Do people with higher degrees most likely get better positions at a job?

I am going to school for a master's in journalism and a Ph.D in communications. I wanted to know if when I apply to a job I'm more likely to get a higher position that is available since I have a higher degree of education. journalism communications broadcast-journalism...

investigative-reporting marketing-communications