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How do I get internships for my major if I do not have much experience in the field?

Hi, I am Nicole and I am a student in college. I am a Marketing major and am required to finish 2 internships before I graduate. The only thing is, I haven't had any experience in marketing before so landing my first internship may be difficult. Any advice? #marketing #internships #social-media-marketing #marketing-communications #user-experience #marketing-strategy #online-marketing

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5 answers

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Lindsey’s Answer

Hey Nicole,
Leverage your network! Ask your professors/friends/family if anyone they know is looking for a marketing intern. Chances are, they'll know someone who knows someone who needs help with marketing. If that doesn't pan out, research nonprofits in your area. If you're able to work for little-no compensation in order to get the experience under your belt, then volunteering for a nonprofit will be your best bet. I hope this helps! I have much more to say on the subject, but will hold off to see if you have any questions about what i've mentioned thus far! -Lindsey

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Anoop’s Answer

HI Nicole, internship is exactly to get exposure to industry experience. No internship ideally requires you to have formal experience. You just need good grades to justify any request for internship.
I applied while in college without any relevant industry experience and got my internship through my professor's and institution's recommendation. I strongly recommend that you take every opportunity to participate and excel in an internship program. It allows you to network and subsequently get employed.

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Alisha’s Answer

Hi Nicole - have you searched your area for internships? Does your school have any pre-recognized organizations willing to bring on an intern? An internship is meant just for people like you - little to no experience in the field and therefore a need to dive deeper into the day to day work.

Websites like Indeed always have internships posted - so that may be a great place to start looking.

Another option, of course, is to decide what kind of place you'd like to be an intern at or work for. In other words, would you like to be on an in-house marketing team or an agency? Maybe you're not quite sure - that's okay and a good thing you have two internships to complete - I would encourage you to check out an in-house team as well as an agency to broaden your experience. From there, look at companies you admire - maybe starting with the area around you to make things a little easier for travel, money, etc - and see if they have any internships posted. If they don't - find out who their marketing manager/director is and email them (you may have to dig a little bit on sites like LinkedIn to find a way to connect).

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Anny’s Answer

Hi, Nicole, I think your college is smart to require two internships prior to graduating. This will definitely help you when you graduate.
An internship will expose you to roles within the Marketing discipline and the different skill sets that are required. Additionally, you will be able to develop relationships with hiring managers when you are seeking your next opportunity.

PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: As for getting that internship, there isn't an expectation that applicants have previous experience. The applicants could highlight their coursework (ex. a large marketing study); extra-curricular activities (ex. marketing a school club); previous work experience (ex. leadership).

NETWORKING: Attend college fairs (although not very helpful right now during COVID) and engage with the recruiters. Ask relevant questions and show interest in the work. Look for open houses. Attend meetups where professionals showcase their work and expertise.

SCHOOL RESOURCES: Make your preferences known within your college's career center. I made the mistake of not communicating them well and missed out on an internship at an ad agency.

TIMING: Some marketing companies have internship programs throughout the year. For summer internships, decisions get made fairly early in the year so be sure to check the careers section frequently.

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Hugh’s Answer

Hi Nicole,

I just wanted to add to the above answer, that when you do not have the experience you want to highlight other skills and traits that you can bring to the role / organisation such as the following:

Hard Working
Quick learner
Team Player
Time Management
Problem Solver
Trust worthy