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What made you pursue your career? What advice would you give someone to help them choose their role in IT?

Currently a Student at NPower working towards obtaining his A+ and Security+ certificates.

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2 answers

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Andrew’s Answer

Hi Celso-

I don't work in IT, but I can share that when I first went to school it was to be a sport journalist because I was passionate writing and thought it was a career I would be in for many years. However, while I was enjoying the work I realized I didn't love it. The role came natural to me, and I could make a long-term career out of it, but I wanted a challenge and to be able to learn new things. With all that said, the best advice I can give is to expose yourself to many different areas before deciding on a specific role. You may not uncover your true passion until you gain experience doing different things.

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Anil’s Answer

I was always interested in Network and Security topics. Hence took-up this career, I got a breakthrough into this career as a college hire by one of the leading Networking companies and have grown since then in this field.