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McKay B. Aug 09, 2018 396 views

How difficult is it to become a sportscaster if I am not a professional athlete?

I love to talk sports and would love even more to make money doing it. Is there a way to do this without being a famous athlete? #sports #career #sportscaster...


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Nick S. Jul 29, 2019 321 views
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Yamelyn L. Sep 03, 2019 79 views

Do Realtor really get paid by commission?

My name is Yamelyn I'm 17 years old I'm currently attending Job Corps in El Paso, Texas and will soon be attending an Office Administration class. I took a business class at the last school I was attending and learned much useful information but I would like to know what else would be necessary...


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Suzette I. Sep 06, 2019 112 views

What companies or industries do you think I should target?

My name is Suzette I. I’m a senior at Brennan HS and after I graduate I want to attend Texas State and study journalism and digital media to become a sports broadcaster #sports #sports-management...


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Daliah S. Sep 06, 2019 102 views

whats a good medical school?

I want to go to medical school. #medical-school...


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Celso H. Sep 11, 2019 79 views

What made you pursue your career? What advice would you give someone to help them choose their role in IT?

Currently a Student at NPower working towards obtaining his A+ and Security+ certificates. #npower...