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How difficult is computer networking

I am a student who is a computer nerd somewhat and was wondering what are some difficult concepts within computer networking that maybe confusing at first or take time and patience to learn? #computer #information-technology #computer-networking

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10 answers

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Cameron’s Answer

If you are interested in a career in computer networking I would strongly encourage you to check out Net Academy (https://www.netacad.com/). Net Academy provides free classes to people interested in learning more about computer networking.

Good luck!


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Christina’s Answer

Hi Noah, I would highly recommend taking certifications to learn about the basics and build your foundation in Computer Networking. As someone who has just started her career in Networking I can say that technology changes every few months, it is definitely a very challenging industry to be in but very rewarding at the same time. Hence it is very important to get a strong foundation so everything else you learn will be easy for you. Nothing is hard if you enjoy what you are doing :) Good luck and all the best!

Christina recommends the following next steps:

Certifications such as CCNA,VCA,VCP

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Parshwajyoti’s Answer

Computer networking is a vast field and we need to study lot many books in order to understand the concepts clearly.Start with "Forouzan data communications and networking" that will give solid base.Though its a big book with 1500 pages but its really worth to read it once.Then you can focus on learning the real time technologies from vendors like Cisco,Juniper certifications.Opt any one out of Cisco or juniper and focus on starting from the basic certification till the expert one.

Many times in life,it may be difficult to understand few or many topics but it is not impossible.We just need to keep our focus on learning and give our dedications to understand the technology.

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Nagarajan’s Answer

Depending on how Nerdy you are, you can either choose to

1) Once the product is created - Start by understanding how a network is deployed, managed etc.
2) Creating the product itself - You can jump in to Network Tech Development

As Network becomes more open / programmable, the traditional network engineer skills only are not enough, they need to be programmers as well. If you decide to start with option 1, then start as a network programmer/ devops engineer.

If you decide to choose option 2, other than having strong computer science skills, you can try and get an internship in a engineering team of a networking product company and experience for yourself

Keep Learning !!

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John’s Answer

You should know that there are several different levels of expertise that can be achieved and demonstrated through certifications. The highest level of certification that I'm aware of is CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert). If you want to learn more about the hardest stuff in the networking field, look up the different CCIE specialties and what's required to earn one.

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Somil’s Answer

Computer networking defines rules on how a computer can talk to another computer at a distance. If you are a computer nerd who likes to solve problems and understands programming basics, learning networking should not be hard for you.
A simple internet search on "learn computer networking" will reveal a lot of resources where you can start.
Do you already know concepts of programming/ Operating systems/ Algorithms? If not I would suggest to start with computer programming, learn about algorithms, data structures then Operating Systems. This will give you a base to start learning computer networking.

Somil recommends the following next steps:

Programming (Java, Shell Script)
Algorithms and Data Structures
Operating System (Ubuntu)
Networking Basics

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Shabeer’s Answer

Hi Noah B,

To be honest for the first year of my career in my networking journey it was very confusing for me as well.

But once I started working to understand the technology, it was one of the awesome job.

Moreover, if you become an expert in the networking domain say network architect then the entire organization will depend on you for your suggestions to deploy/migrate/upgrade their IT infrastructure.

All the best for your future endeavors in the field of networking!!


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Nicholas’s Answer

From personal experience a difficult concept when dealing with networking, I would say is definitely the sub-netting aspect, I know a lot of people in the IT field that struggle with sub-netting. I would definitely spend some time focusing on that. As well as utilizing the previously mentioned resources. In the IT field certifications are your worth, the more certifications you have the more you are worth to companies, I highly recommend attempting to get security+ it is required for most jobs. Attempt to achieve a few operating system certifications windows and linux would be the main two to focus on. Cisco certs are also very helpful because of how utilized cisco's equipment is. It will also depend on your goals and how far you are trying to take your career in the IT field. Definitely learning about business, and the basics of business as well as business writing will get you pretty far if you are attempting to become a lead/senior position. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Nicholas recommends the following next steps:

Spend some time looking into sub-netting
Learn about linux
Learn computer programming language
Study for SEC+

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ajay’s Answer

This purely depends on your interest. Book network Certifications which would move you towards understanding the basics and learnning.
Once you know the basics, you will find it easy

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Raju’s Answer

Hi Noah, Difficulty comes only when you are trying to solve the real world problems which you havent faced. However if you are talking about just Routing & Switching track which is where mostly networking industry revolves around for a fresher (Note its just 1 track however there are n numbers of tracks like security).
Then i would say BGP is the most difficult & advance concept for a fresher who has joined a networking company. BGP is protocol which is used by all Service provider today & its the foundation of Internet working currently. Basically this helps how your packet goes from your PC to webserver anywhere in the world. BGP is vast & flexible enough to consider many different paths & options you can choose for your packet to go from one location to other. Of course as you mentioned it becomes easier if you have already implemented concepts practically in time.