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How to improve my CV as a computer Engineering student?

I'm a third year engineering student, and I studied different courses like (java, data structure, networking, mobile apps, AI, micro, electronics, and other topics ), but the issue is that when I want to apply for an internship or a research program especially internationally I have nothing to support my CV or personal statement just the projects I did in these courses which are not complex and my high GPA. Also, I always study online courses and try to improve my skills, but now at this time I feel it's not enough, so what kind of programs or activities should I participate in to improve ?

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8 answers

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Col Sen’s Answer

Hello Maya,

you are doing great with your curriculum and your high CGPA will hold you in good stead. I think you are missing on your strength. You must have done good in your project(s) or App development etc, make a mention, howsoever trivial that may appear to you. I have some more actions to suggest:

  1. Look beyond your curriculum: You may work on developing an App or a small macro say connecting two platforms seamlessly like What's App/Voot/Hangout and see if you can customize to make it useful for Digital Marketing/Social Engineering.
  2. I am looking at the issue of bank or credit card frauds: how to stop cyber attacks against banks by studying the gaps in the existing system, if you get an opportunity. There is a time lag between fraud detection/ reporting and risk mitigation, presently it goes even upto 90 days or more.There are gaps even in the Operating systems and Ransomewares like Wannacry or Petyacry are exploiting these gaps/or soft spots and punching hole in it, so develop a patch. In fact, possibilities are endless.
  3. I worked on a project to connect the Antenna system with a software to control the output and beam it at a particular direction and controlled the power output so that there is no spurious transmission (side or back lobes). Today you have robotics and AI to help in these kinds of projects/products.
  4. May be you work on an OS based on Sanskrit! Develop a model or do system analysis, if you can.
  5. Assess your capability/liking and working on it as an hobby. Keep looking at the problems we face in day to day world and try to pick up one issue that you can work on. Mention these efforts/products(if you develop and showcase it in your CV).
  6. In addition, mention your strength on the subjects like: OS, Data Structures, AI and Robotics or languages etc.

Col Sen recommends the following next steps:

Be a member of CSI or such professional bodies. Participate in online/live competitions/seminars on related subjects of your interest. Publish papers or write blogs or for technical journals and add them in your CV.
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Aleksandra’s Answer

Hi Maya,

I think that many students are in similar situation and have the same concerns as you have. That is good that you are looking for opportunities to expand your skills and experience and thinking about applying for internship. I believe you have had a chance to work on at least some mini-project(s) at your University - share this experience and describe these project(s) in more details (technologies used, scope of project, result and add link to the project repository). Experience in working in a team is valuable skill that many employers are looking at so if you have had a chance to work on a project with other students do not hesitate to share that information in your CV as well (when describing project add: teamwork). Maybe you have had a chance to take part in IT contest, or you have exceptional results at study (share this information), maybe you are a member of any IT community or group working on resolution of some IT problem- share this information as well. Think of taking up additional courses that will help to develop your skills and will be advantage of your CV.

Good luck!
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ritesh’s Answer

Well try to do some IT certification it will be very good for CV, i am going to give you some IT certification list over here, go through this article.

Career Advice: The Best IT Certifications In Demand

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Manuel’s Answer

Hello Maya! Great question!

I will tell you a personal experience... when I was in college, one of my friends told me about an international programming contest (International Collegiate Programming Contest sponsored by IBM) and we made a team with another friend in order to solve different kind of problems using different programming languages and techniques. After many months of practicing and having some contests in college, we won the local contest and the regional contest. This gave us the opportunity to participate in the word finals in Poland, an amazing experience! So, besides this great experience and the knowledge obtained during our preparation, this was one of the most relevant topics in my CV when I was looking for my first job :)

Please have a look of the site of this programming contest:

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Nishant’s Answer

Hi Maya,

Having some programming skills will definitely give a value addition to your CV. Before adding the skills to your CV, just make sure that you have the complete knowledge of those skills. In fact whatever you are going to add in your CV should be known to you.

Try to use some good formatted CV, there are some templates available online. Try to avoid grammatical mistakes. Try to complete as many courses as you can do online, surely this will help you.

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ritesh’s Answer

To create a better CV you need to follow a step by step career advice to start it well. Here is what basically a standard CV must have:

Personal information: It is quite essential to include the full name, email address, contact number and address on CV. Also, ensure that they are mentioned on top of the CV.

A statement about yourself: This gives you a scope to tell about yourself and get the attention of the reader. Use this to show your achievements and share your career aspirations too. The trick is that you need to customize the statement to the job description or role.

Work Experience: While writing about the work history, include experiences relevant to the job at hand. Your CV must show you as the best candidate of the lot. If you have less or no experience, think about skills that might help you in the role.

Education: Mention earlier education and educational institutions with a year of attendance and also write about achievements or grades.

Skills & Qualifications: Write about qualifications from either work experience or education which are related to the role.

Interests & Hobbies: Though not necessary, but if you are a fresher and you have less to mention about the experience, you need to write about your hobby and interests too.

References: It is suggested not to include name and contact of references on CV. Always ask permission from a referee before passing on the details to an employer.

How to write a CV?

The career guidance tips is that a CV is basically written in the word format. Often Arial or Verdana font is used.

CV layout

Be clear and precise about your test with bullet points whenever needed. Use proper headings and small paragraphs to allow your recruiter to take a look.

Attributes of a CV layout:

• about two pages of A4

• write CV in Word

• Do not use borders, colors, images, cartoon fonts like Comic Sans.

• Use fonts like; Arial, Verdana or Tahoma and size of 10 or 11 works best.

• Start with your most recent work experience and qualifications first.

• Explain any sabbatical.

• Proofread.

CV writing tips

Here at career advice, wes share some CV writing tips:

  • Customise for specific job roles
  • Avoid gaps. Or explain them well to your advantage.
  • Tell most about your experience.
  • Be honest.
  • No grammatical errors and spelling mistake.
  • Data be specific.

What information to be included in CV?

Personal Statement

Work Experience


Hobbies & Interests

Who would see your CV?

This thing can differ from an organization to another, based on who’s going to recruit. Mainly it would be a hiring manager or a line manager, but each company varies.

If your CV is getting processed through a recruitment agency, chances are that your CV won’t go farther in the hierarchy. Recruitment agencies do the shortlisting of candidates and, only who appears strong candidates are called for interview.

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gaurang’s Answer

Do not add additional technology which you are not aware of and also make it short. you must know in depth about all technology you have written in your CV.

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Natasha’s Answer

Hi Maya! I think you are doing an amazing job thinking about future prospects. It is definitely very important to diversify your CV and add things that are not just computer science related. I think good ones to start off with could be volunteering in your community, tutoring students (since you have a high GPA), getting involved in something you are passionate about in your college (it is never too late even if you are a third year). Also, I would say if you specifically want to focus on international projects, maybe try entering international competitions for coding and try winning those (look for female coding competition, engineering coding competitions,..) and then add those to your resume - you can also try doing an international study abroad/internship to help.