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Jeama May 25, 2016 4257 views

What is the best course for an introvert person?

I am an introvert person. I know to myself that I am not Good in public speaking or facing a huge crowd. I am a shy type. Entering college is not easy for me. Choosing a course is a very hard decision because it will be your future someday. So, can you help me about this confusing question?...

Eric’s Avatar
Eric May 19, 2016 67271 views

What is a good answer to the question "what is your greatest weakness"?

During job interviews, the interviewer may ask, "What is your greatest weakness?" This kind of question stupefies me, so I am curious to know what would be a good safe answer to this question. #job #interviews

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth May 18, 2016 1611 views

When applying for jobs, what are good questions for the interviewer?

It seems like every job interview (EVER) ends with the question: do you have any questions about the job/positions/etc.? I can never think of any good ones! Does anyone have any great go-tos they'd like to share for this situation? #interviewing-skills #interview-questions

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Bre'Neal Sep 01, 2017 816 views

What are some jobs that involve working with animals?

What are all the jobs where you work with animals? #animals #animal-behavior #animal #veterinary #zoology

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Syed Jun 22, 2016 1088 views

What are the branches available in Engineering and which one I should choose?

Hi! I am class 9 student. I am interested in Maths. So I want to build my career as an Engineer. I don't have knowledge about branches available in engineering. I'll be glad to you, if you provide me details. #engineering #engineer #mechanical-engineer #software-engineer #electrical-engineer...

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Krystal Jul 17, 2018 684 views

Which medical career have lots of job opportunity and stable income in 10 years ?

I’m having a hard time decindigg which major or career to pursue . Please give me some suggestion and advice #careers #careers #career-choice #career #career-counseling #jobs #medicalfield

Lily’s Avatar
Lily Jan 15, 2018 578 views

What does a typical resume look like? How do I know if my resume is up to par?

I wrote a resume but I am not sure if it is properly formatted, too vague, too broad, etc. I would love an example of a model resume from the community! #thinkingforward

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Ana Jul 13, 2018 609 views


What is one of the things you'll need to know in order to become an engineer

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Rayania Jul 12, 2018 690 views

How easy is it to find summer jobs or other kinds of jobs throughout your school ?

A lot of people struggle finding jobs during school ..Does your school offer little jobs or help students find one ? #support #benefits

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Raja May 05, 2016 1099 views

How do I become an IAS officer?

I'd like to know what courses I should take after my 10th standard in order to become an IAS officer. #government #military #army #ias #career

Maya’s Avatar
Maya May 24, 2016 1536 views

What kind of job allows me to travel the world?

I am interested in the international relations/politics/non-profit work area and I was wondering if that type of career path would allow me to travel as an important part of my job. If not, what career would? #travel #international #politics #international-affairs

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Jul 09, 2018 3774 views

Is it wiser to major in Aerospace Engineering or Software Engineering?

I have a great desire to become an aerospace engineer when I leave college. However, I know that software engineering has a better job outlook. Should I still major in Aerospace Engineering in college even if job availability for that field is not as promising as software engineering? #software...

Jackie’s Avatar
Jackie Jan 30, 2017 1013 views

At what time do I make the change from a resume to a C.V.?

I really don't have any publications (just some publication-hopeful projects), but most people are telling me that I should consider changing my resume to a C.V. What is the difference? From what I've read, it has a lot of room for publications, but that would be empty space for me. #college...

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jonathan May 04, 2016 1024 views

What are good engineer jobs?

I like math and I here that engineer require math. I also like to build things. #engineering #mechanical-engineering #math #software-engineering #industrial-engineering

Abby’s Avatar
Abby Oct 27, 2016 1067 views

What are some unnecessary items people put on their resumes?

I am applying to internships and want my resume to look good. What can I leave out? #resume #recruiting #resume-writing #linkedin