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How easy is it to find summer jobs or other kinds of jobs throughout your school ?

Asked New Haven, Connecticut

A lot of people struggle finding jobs during school ..Does your school offer little jobs or help students find one ? #support #benefits

2 answers

ritesh’s Answer

Updated Pune, Maharashtra, India

Well its not that easy until you follow these following steps :

Each year, students obtain interesting, and career-related summer joband traineeships. The secret to their success is a good preparation and an early start in the job search process. The search for an internship or a summer job can be conducted likewise.

Here we share some tips for teens and college students telling how to find a summer job or internship:

Set your priorities. If you are looking for career-related experience or an opportunity to travel or you want funds to support your academic fees.

Write a resume to highlight your skills for finding a summer job. A resume tells about your background and makes you stand out from other job seekers.

Find out, prospective employers. You need to find out the potential employers online by checking professional organizations with the help of search engine and finding employer Web sites. Taking help of directories for organisations and newspapers, you can know about the organizations of interest, including conventional summer employers, like hotels, camps, government agencies, etc.

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Roland’s Answer


It can be very easy. Work with your counselor to find different companies that have work study programs. I would try and choose companies that are in the field I find most intriguing for my future.