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Kyiana L. S. Apr 02, 2012 2608 views

What helps you study for a test?

I have been terrible at studying for tests, but I am hoping that you can help me. Please teach me how to study....


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MarlaCodman1 . Sep 10, 2012 2152 views

if the career you want to pursue doesn't give you enough money do you give up on it?

i'm 15 and i have been told to give up on what i want to do just because it doesn't make alot of money....


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Forrest R. Mar 05, 2014 1066 views

What are some possible future careers?

Hi, I am currently a sophomore in high school. I have been wondering why everyone always talks about the jobs of the future and that they need to prepare us for these jobs. I was just wondering what would be a possible job in the future because I have no idea what jobs would be valued more in...

#future #career

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Melissa S. Mar 26, 2014 782 views

Why do I need a work permit?

Im 16 years old and i don't know why I need a work permit still to the places i apply to #job #work...


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Casey G. Dec 05, 2014 949 views

What are some experiences I should do in order to truly see if I want to be a special education teacher?

Hello I am Casey Gaffney, a junior at Boston Collegiate Charter School. I have always wanted to be a teacher since I was a child. I am specifically interested in Special Education. I want to focus on Down Syndrome and Autism. For the past 6 years I have volunteered and worked at local day...

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Toni F. May 03, 2016 579 views

How do i plan my goals ?

Career helper...


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Ali G. May 08, 2016 2061 views

How did you choose what company to work for?

I am interested in a job in technology, but i'm not sure how to go about deciding what company to work for. How did you pick the company you are working at? What factors did you take into consideration?...


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Sairam M. May 09, 2016 732 views

How can I become a good programmar?

Hi, I am sairam. I have an goal to be good programmar #engineering #programming #programmer...


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Tre G. May 10, 2016 520 views

How do you decide who gets to help you out in class?

I want to be a teacher when I grow. I like when my teachers pick me to help in class. Why do you pick certain kids to help?...


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Maya G. May 24, 2016 603 views

How will I know of college is the right step for me?

In my family, I am apart of the first generation to attend college. Recently, I've gained some doubts about going to college, because most of my family is not supportive of me attending college. I have been accepted to my dream school and enrolled, but I don't know if I'll be able to continue...

#career-counseling #college #college-advice #people

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Timothy O. Jun 22, 2016 1395 views

How useful and effective is Goal Setting in the work environment?

Especially since a lot of companies and start-ups assign work and materials using deadlines. How can one still harness the power of goal setting in the workplace? #college #business #career #technology #professional...


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damodar sri dinesh R. Jul 07, 2016 767 views

Most of the teenagers have confusion while choosing their career path after high school.

Is there a better way to sort out many of the teenagers confusion, by letting them known about which areas they are good at and at which areas they are going to excel? This will give them a clear view about their future. #engineering #medicine #law #architecture #high-school #arts #politics...

#freelancer #freelance

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Tiffanie L. Jul 09, 2016 615 views

Once you reach your career goal, do you aim to go higher ?

Okay so to rephrase, I want to know if after you have reached your dreams, if you do that is, do you climb more into the management ladder of your field? #career #jobs...


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Tiffanie L. Jul 10, 2016 614 views

What can I do today in my life to improve my future?

you know, same old, just want to make my future positive ! :D #career...