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How do you decide who gets to help you out in class?

I want to be a teacher when I grow. I like when my teachers pick me to help in class. Why do you pick certain kids to help? #teacher

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2 answers

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Roland’s Answer

Teachers choose the kids that show they want to learn and retain as much information as possible. Teachers are trained to pick out the strengths in their students and build on them to help others learn. Congrats on being the student your teacher relies on. I also think it is amazing that you want to spend your life teaching others how to be better and more knowledgeable. Thank you in advance for your career decision.

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Elaine’s Answer

An interesting question. I congratulate you in wanting to be a teacher. It's such an important career. I tried to choose all of my children to help as everyone likes to help their teacher. I get to know my children very quickly and I try to pick them for things they can do so they feel successful and good about it. I try not to choose favorites but alternate the jobs they do in the classroom so each person has a chance. Good luck to you