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Kyiana L. May 26, 2012 2625 views

What are the best traveling careers out there?

I am wondering what the best traveling careers are, in anything. It could be in salary, socializing, benefits or anything else. Please respond. :) Have a good day. #travel

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Kyiana L. Apr 12, 2012 3873 views

Does becoming a chef require you to travel?

I am new to the subject, so I am wondering if I would have to or just have the option of traveling... for some reason. Do you know anything about this? #cooking

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Kyiana L. Apr 02, 2012 1685 views

Does gateway community college still have career training programs?

I want to have a career right away. I am hoping that Gateway community college has career training for the culinary arts. #career

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Kyiana L. Apr 02, 2012 3222 views

What helps you study for a test?

I have been terrible at studying for tests, but I am hoping that you can help me. Please teach me how to study. #testing

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Kyiana L. Apr 02, 2012 1231 views

How do I revise my questions on

Excuse me, anyone that comes across this question, can you leave an answer concerning how to revise my questions on this website. My schedule is pretty busy and your answer will be highly appreciated. #communications

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Kyiana L. Mar 29, 2012 2092 views

What kind of tests do I have to pass,and what kind of skills do I have to develop to graduate from a culinary arts school?

I am a very busy senior in high school, and I cannot do as much research as I would like to. When I do graduate from high school, I would like to adopt the trade as soon as possible. Please share some information with me. It will be gladly appreciated. #cooking