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What are the best traveling careers out there?

I am wondering what the best traveling careers are, in anything. It could be in salary, socializing, benefits or anything else. Please respond. :) Have a good day. #travel

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I love to travel. I was a strategy consultant for several years, which is a traveling career based on business. While it allowed me to travel quite a lot, the travel wasn't relaxing or luxurious - it was mostly traveling to new cities for meetings in corporate offices. That said, I was still able to spend the evenings and the weekends exploring new cities. The compensation was quite good, and the work was intellectually stimulating. I'd recommend consulting as a job for recent college graduates who are interested in travel.

Caveat: Not every place you travel is going to be glamorous. I spent time in amazing cities like Paris, Tokyo, and Shanghai, but I also spent a lot of time in small towns in the midwest and industrial centers outside of Tokyo. You win some and you lose some.

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Here are some careers my friends have built which have enabled them to travel:
- International development
- Operations management
- Journalism
- Filmmaker
- Armed Forces

I cannot speak first-hand to the benefits / compensation of those careers.

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Some other options: - Join an airline as a flight crew member or pilot - Join the diplomatic corps - Become an aid worker for USAID or some other similar organization - Move abroad to teach english - Join a non-profit organization that serves internationally - Join a supranational organization like the UN or the WTO (it would be helpful to have some political science or legal background for this one). - Become a strategy consultant - Get into sales. A lot of sales positions require travel to visit potential customers

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