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What types of careers offer traveling?

Asked Lexington, Massachusetts

I just want to travel and wake up with a new beautiful view once or twice a week. #career #travel

7 answers

Seimi’s Answer

Updated Omaha, Nebraska

Hey Doribel! Many careers offer traveling - I can speak to one: Management Consulting. Depending on the firm and the types of project you do, you can be traveling up to 100% of the time. A typical work week follows the 3-4-5 schedule, which is really a consulting jargon for "3 nights, 4 days on the road, and the 5th day (Friday) in your home office."

A lot of times, work will bring you to amazing places, and you get to meet really interesting people, wake up to beautiful views. However, earlier on in your career, you may not get to choose when and where you travel to. And traveling for work is a very different from traveling for fun.

Another option: most companies/projects will offer you a choice of "alternative travel" - which means, instead of traveling home on Thursdays, you can travel elsewhere given that the traveling expense is comparable to what you would be otherwise spending to get home. I've known people who alt-traveled to Hawaii for a long weekend. Now that's just awesome.

Thank you Seimi! I like that idea, and I'll look into it.
I did management consulting and loved it. Not enough kids know about consulting as a career option, in my opinion. Usually people learn about it in college for the first time, but by then it's pretty late to start exploring it! If you ask some new questions about consulting on this site, I bet you'll get good answers pretty quickly.

Mia’s Answer

Updated Chester, Virginia

Hi Doribel The military is always a great place to see the world. It will truly be an adventure and one that you will not forget.

Hope this helps!!!

Thank you Mia! I haven't thought of that.

Jared’s Answer

Updated Palo Alto, California

You could also consider joining an airline as a pilot or flight crew. Travel for a living by helping people travel!

Thank you Mr. Chung! Actually, I've thought of that and I'll look into it again.

Phi’s Answer

Updated Rancho Santa Margarita, California

I believe consulting jobs (as mentioned above) could offer a lot of travel opportunities. Teaching abroad is another option. Sales and international business are some other ideas.

Michele’s Answer

Updated Jacksonville, Florida

Do you speak a foreign language? I know people who have spent time in Japan teaching English. Also, of course the obvious, airline careers, and Military, as stated above. I used to travel a lot as part of my living as a clinical instructor for a major medical equipment manufacturer but again, as stated above, not many people in the field get those opportunities and you do have to have experience.

As far as the medical field goes though, being a traveling RN can keep you traveling throughout the US pretty constantly at great salaries, with benefits, and some living expenses paid. the beauty of that is you can choose the areas and positions you take. However, you will get quite a bit more positions offered if you have a specialty within nursing, such as ICU experience, or Cath Lab, and that takes not only the standard 2-4 year degree but some time in one place getting more specialized...

You can always do something like a traveling RN within the country then take a month or so off and travel abroad just for fun! Or go learn a language in less time than that and go teach English in a foreign country and even attend school studying something else on the side while there..

Geoffrey’s Answer

Updated Boston, Massachusetts

Hi Doribel,

As a management consultant myself, I agree with the comments above that a career in consulting can offer nice travel opportunities...the key word is can...it's not a guarantee by any means.

I've often found myself "travelling" to one place for a very long time on a project...oftentimes not the most glamorous of places. For example, I've spent several months working for a client in relatively rural areas of Missouri and Pennsylvania and the 'views' I saw were the airport terminal, the office I was working out of (next to a nuclear power plant of all places) and the hotel...with a few restaurants sprinkled in for good measure).

Not to discourage you from the industry by any means, it has countless benefits beyond just the prospect of travel (interesting work / great clients)...and I have had many great travel experiences (NYC / DC / St Louis / Memphis to name a few)...just wanted to quickly offer some additional perspective.

Hope that helps!



Jodi C’s Answer

Updated Tamworth, England, United Kingdom

A very good friend if mine worked the cruise ships as the ships purser. She always posted photographs from fabulous tropical shores. Lots of fun, hard work, great experience send team building.