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Michele Pack FASE RDCS RVT

Supervisor of Cardiovascular Services
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations - Office and Administrative Support Occupations
Jacksonville, Florida
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jaida’s Avatar
jaida Jul 31, 2021 419 views

What classes are beneficial to me?

I would like to become a Nurse Administrator in the future. What classes could help me do that? #nursing #healthcare

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Mar 22, 2016 1198 views

What advice do you have for people that want to help their community in a creative way?

I am interested in non-profit organizations that brings both creativity and helping kids together #management #arts #nonprofits

Shanae’s Avatar
Shanae Feb 24, 2016 859 views

What are the best studies to major in for medical school?

I want to become a surgeon, however I am having trouble deciding on what I want to or should major in for school. #doctor #medicine

Dakota’s Avatar
Dakota Dec 15, 2014 2181 views

What are the requirements to being a diagnostic medical sonographer?

I am a senior in high school looking into this field of study and wondering about the education requirements. I am also wondering about how life in the military with this career would be. #medicine #medicine-field #hospitals #medicine-sonography

MiKayla’s Avatar
MiKayla Apr 09, 2014 2001 views

If you intern at a hospital as a nurse do you let you stay once you internship is done or do they make you leave?

I am a junior in high school and I would like to be an oncology nurse. #nurse #internship #hospital #residency

Martin’s Avatar
Martin Mar 04, 2014 1953 views

For any commercial pilots, what is one piece of advice you would give to a young pilot?

I'm 16 and am very close to my first solo flight and I plan to have my private pilot's certificate by the end of this year. I want to eventually become a commercial pilot, and I'm having a tough time deciding where I should go to college and what I should major in to make this possible. Any...

RS’s Avatar
RS Mar 04, 2014 1441 views

Does becoming a doctor provide the opportunity to balance time between work and family?

My objective is to get into the medical field. I wanted to know if becoming a doctor will affect my personal life. #doctor #career #medicine #pathologist #pathology

Sara’s Avatar
Sara Mar 17, 2014 1987 views

What year of college is the best to do the Disney College Program?

I am really interested in the college program at Disney and I want to make sure I do it at the right time in college. #disney

RS’s Avatar
RS Mar 12, 2014 2778 views

What skills, work experience or educational background do you look for when you recruit for these jobs?

My objective is to pursue a career in the medical field and I want to know what educational background recruiters look for. #doctor #career #medicine #physician #recruiting #pathology

Arliene’s Avatar
Arliene Mar 14, 2014 1876 views

Is it hard to become a registered nurse?

I would like to become one myself. #nursing

William’s Avatar
William Mar 17, 2014 1343 views

Is going to a 2-year college a good option to get GE credits and then attending a 4-year to receive a degree?

I am a junior in high school and am exploring my options for higher education. I am thinking about attending a 2-year for GE in order to save money. #college #financial-aid

Arianna’s Avatar
Arianna Mar 17, 2014 1494 views

What are the biggest drawbacks to college?

I'm scared to go off to college, do the good times outweigh the bad ?

William’s Avatar
William Mar 17, 2014 1447 views

What kind of careers would be good for someone that is good in math and has a love of music.

I have been into music for 7 years and I have always enjoyed math in schools. I would like to find a career that incorporates both. #music #mathematics

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Mar 17, 2014 1263 views

do i need to know math really well if i wanna work as a cashier

im not sure if you need to be good at it or no #cashier

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Mar 17, 2014 3027 views

What skills would i need to get a job for a clothing store

Would i have to know customer service, sales, instore items #jobs #shopping