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Martin Jun 04, 2015 2659 views

How hard is it to start a career in civil engineering?

I'm a senior in high school and about to attend Seattle University to pursue a degree in civil engineering. How challenging is it to start a career right out of college? #college #engineering #career

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Martin Mar 12, 2014 5515 views

Which jobs in the Civil Engineering field have the best outlook?

I'm 16 and I'm interested about Civil Engineering, but I don't know how secure a career in it would be. #engineering #career #job #civil-engineering #outlook

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Martin Mar 05, 2014 3234 views

What should I major in if I want to get a career in aviation?

I'm 16 and currently deciding what college I want to go to and what I want to major in, and I have a strong interest in aviation but I can't find a major that would lead me to a career in it. #college #school #major #aviation #pilot #academics

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Martin Mar 04, 2014 1980 views

For any commercial pilots, what is one piece of advice you would give to a young pilot?

I'm 16 and am very close to my first solo flight and I plan to have my private pilot's certificate by the end of this year. I want to eventually become a commercial pilot, and I'm having a tough time deciding where I should go to college and what I should major in to make this possible. Any...