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Kerissa Aug 25, 2016 568 views

Is it wise to take a loan to go to college?

I know a lot of people who regret taking loans to go to college because they have a hard time paying it back since there is a lack of jobs for them to take advantage of. What happens if you know you just can't pay it back?

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Kerissa Aug 25, 2016 1558 views

How do you know what career choice is best for you?

I am a high school student lately it has been a bit blurry when trying to decide what's the best option for a career because in the long run, I want to be happy with the choice that I make. I have a lot of varying interests which, makes it even harder to decided what I want. #college #jobs

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Kerissa Aug 25, 2016 1112 views

How do you keep a balance between your social life and college studies?

I am curious as to how one can multitask and keep focus on everything around them. #college #organization #life-balance